Enhanced remote services maximizing your Uptime

Phillips revolutionary new repair service allows you to make fixes in a fraction of the time – turning downtime into uptime. Rather than waiting days for a technician, Phillips Vision gets your machines up and running in hours.

With Phillips Vision, our top engineers see what you see and provide live step-by-step instructions.

Simply put on a pair of augmented reality glasses (same service works with cell phones) and our techs…

//  Walk you through repairs step by step

//  See exactly what is happening with your machine

//  Troubleshoot problems in a few hours rather than days

Many are calling Phillips Vision a serious “disrupter” to old service models that made long downtimes nearly unavoidable.

With Phillips Vision, you no longer have to watch production grind to a halt.
With Phillips Vision, you can achieve extreme reductions in downtime, saving thousands.
With Phillips Vision, you control your downtime destiny.


Dear Customers,

Over the last eighteen months, we have created, beta tested, and implemented our Virtual Service offering, Phillips Vision. The product connects our service technicians with your on-site maintenance staff to diagnose and resolve service issues via a mobile application. It enables the Phillips expert to coach and direct an on-site mechanic by leveraging hands-free voice, video, and augmented reality. It also allows us to verify the repair and maintain the warranty status of your machines and parts.

Phillips Vision has proven to be highly effective for diagnosis and many common repairs (vector drives, amps, IO boards, tool changers). It is a paid service that requires your on-site mechanic to attend our service training course. However, given the current environment, we are offering it to all Phillips customers for FREE, and suspending the training requirement for on-site mechanics. We intend to maintain this policy until business conditions return to normal.

Phillips Vision certainly doesn't replace the need for all on-site service. It isn't effective in every circumstance, but we have strong evidence that it helps. Over the weekend, we are ramping up the number of technicians who will be available via Phillips Vision, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to try this service for free.

We have always thought of Phillips as a family on a mission. We think of our customers as a part of that extended family. We sincerely hope business conditions change soon, that we all stay safe and healthy, and that our contribution helps.

If you would like to access the Phillips Vision - Enhanced Remote Service you can email The only other preparation needed is to download the Teamviewer Pilot app for your Apple or Android mobile device.

Contact us now to learn which option is best for you.