TODAY, IT’S ALL ABOUT THAT EXTRA EDGE. Keeping up with new machining. Designing more efficient processes. Making sure employees have the skills needed to run with new technologies.

Everyone and everything firing at full capacity. That’s what it takes to succeed in machining today – and it’s a lot.

At Phillips, we are ready to help. We offer Productivity Solutions on every front. Affordable, innovative services for building better SKILLS, better PROCESSES, and better PERFORMING MACHINES.


“A lot of manufacturers think spending begins and ends with a new machine. Investing in expertise needs to be part of the equation, given the constant need to upgrade skills and processes to stay ahead.”

Jay Bachman, III
Vice President of Wayne Automation


“You get a lot of experts coming through the door promising everything and delivering very little. Your skin gets thick. I could tell right away that this Phillips OPTO engineer really knew his stuff.”

Stan Wright
Machine Shop Manager, Nighthawk