The only limitation is your imagination.

What if you could reduce build times and production costs?
Reduce weight while simultaneously increasing strength?
Even redefine what your parts could do?

With MyAM (My Additive Manufacturing), these are very real possibilities.

Well into its maturity, additive manufacturing is revolutionizing manufacturing. Not just for rapid prototyping. But for complex production, low-cost customization, rapid turnarounds, and more.

MyAM will launch you into a new level of productivity, efficiency and success. With our knowledge, expertise and experience in additive manufacturing (AM), we are trusted navigators for you, helping you understand and evaluate the best additive solution.

As AM enthusiasts, we inspire you to gain confidence to integrate additive into your manufacturing process, understand its potential and exploit new manufacturing opportunities to grow your business and stay ahead of the curve.


Phillips proudly represents *EOS, the world’s leading industrial 3D printer for metals and polymers.

Phillips has partnered with EOS. EOS enables our customers to produce innovative and high quality products based on industrial 3D printing technologies. EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM). Founded in 1989, they are a pioneer and world leader in the field of Direct Metal Laser sintering (DMLS) and provider of highly productive Additive Manufacturing Systems for plastic materials.

*EOS is available in NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TN & AR

EOS provides Systems and Solutions for Additive Manufacturing of Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes. Without requiring tools, EOS systems make direct use of digital CAD data to produce polymer parts of the highest quality.


EOS M 100

EOS M Ideal entry-level model for industrial 3D printing of complex metal parts by means of Additive Manufacturing


EOS M 290

Highly productive system for the Additive Manufacturing of high-performance metal components


EOS North America

EOS North America developed the Integra P 400 to meet the demand for plastic additive manufacturing. This machine is made in the USA.


EOS FORMIGA P 110 Velocis

Compact-Class Additive Manufacturing System that offers a Cost-Efficient and Highly Productive Entry into the World of Additive Manufacturing.