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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


The Johnford UMC-730T is a combination high speed, high accuracy 5 axis trunnion table double column machining center with turning center capabilities.  This machine delivers outstanding overall performance and value for the complex machining of all types of complex multi-task parts.  The machine features strength from a heavy meehanite casting.  Precision comes from large roller type linear guideways in the linear axes and a unique, no backlash direct drive torque motor system in the tilt and rotary axes.  Large diameter double anchored and pre-tensioned ballscrews along with linear scales in XYZ and rotary scales in B and C allows full stroke positioning accuracy of +/-.0003” and repeatability of .0002”.  Weighing in at more than 29,000 lbs., stability and rigidity is ensured.

Along with precision comes speed.  Rapid traverse rates of 1969”/min in XY and 1575”/min in Z reduce non-cutting times.  Powerful servo motors are direct coupled to the large diameter ballscrews.  The Y axis features dual ballscrews.  All axes are driven at the center of gravity.  A precision, powerful, 31HP (Siemens) 15,000 RPM (18,000 RPM optional) integral spindle provides both low end torque and high speed finishing ability.  The spindle is available in both Big Plus 40 taper or HSK-63A.  The spindle is equipped with a hirth coupling to positively lock the spindle for turning operations.  In addition, spindle thermal compensation software is available.

At the heart of the machine is the direct drive torque motor tilting turn table.  The tilt / rotary table utilizes high torque, high speed, direct drive torque motors and hydraulic clamping. High speed rated rotation of 584 RPM (800 RPM max.) on the rotary C axis and 50 RPM in the tilt B axis reduces cycle time.  Since this is torque motor system with NO BACKLASH, the table delivers outstanding accuracy of +/- 8 arc seconds and repeatability of only +/- 5 arc seconds utilizing the standard high accuracy rotary scales.  A port rotary union to supply hydraulics or pneumatics for fixtures is standard.

The UMC-730T features an excellent mechanical design.  The fixed table gantry type design features slide system that is driven at the center of gravity (DCG).  DCG provides high speed movement and dynamic stability.  The machine design is compact and ergonomic.  The center trough, rear discharge chip conveyor allows complete and efficient removal of chips.

The standard 40 tool ATC is extremely reliable and changes tools in only 3 seconds!  The ATC is floor mounted and separated from the machine.  Located on the left side of the machine, the ATC is extremely accessible for easy maintenance and for changing out tools.  This design minimizes the machine footprint, saving valuable floor space.

An impressive list of standard features includes a center trough directly under the trunnion table that discharges chips into a caterpillar type conveyor utilizing high volume chip flushing, a 110 gallon coolant system, and a full machine enclosure to contain chips and  coolant.  The fully loaded Siemens 840D control is standard, providing 5 axis simultaneous machining, mill / turn functionality, ShopMill conversational, and high speed machining functions for high performance full 5 axis machining.


Longitudinal Travel (X) Axis 28.74”
Cross Travel (Y) Axis 20.1”
Vertical Travel (Z) Axis 20.1″
Table Tilt (B) Axis + / -110 degrees
Table Rotation (C) Axis 360 degrees
Spindle nose to table with table in horizontal position 5.1″ min / 25.2″ max
Table height from floor 35.8”
Maximum workpiece size 23.6” diameter x 17.7” tall
Table Working Surface 19.7″ (500mm) diameter / T-slotted
Table Surface Ground / T-slotted
No. of T-slots x Width 8 x 14mm
Maximum Workload on Table – table horizontal 330 LBS
Maximum Workload on Table – table tilted up to 90 degrees 220 LBS
Maximum RPM (tilt / rotary) 50 RPM / 584 RPM (800 RPM peak)
Table rotary motor 34 HP / 296 ft./lbs. torque
Table tilt motor 8.6 HP / 892 ft./lbs. torque
Feedback System Direct mount encoder (tilt axis) by Heidenhain rotary scale
Hydraulic supply for fixtures 8 port rotary union (standard)
Spindle (Standard)
Spindle Motor 31 HP Integral motor
Spindle Torque 58 ft/lbs at 2840 RPM
Spindle Taper Big Plus CAT-40 / BBT-40
Spindle Drive System Integral Motor
Spindle Speed 0-15,000
Spindle Locking System Hirth coupling / hydraulic
Spindle (Optional)
Spindle Motor 31 HP Integral motor
Spindle Torque 58 ft/lbs at 2840 RPM
Spindle Taper HSK-63A
Spindle Drive System Integral Motor
Spindle Speed 0-18,000
Spindle Locking System Hirth coupling / hydraulic
Automatic Tool Changer (arm type)
Number of Tools 40 tools (60 / 80 opt.)
Tool Selection Bi-directional-random-fixed address
Tool Change Time 3 sec tool to tool
Maximum Tool Diameter 2.95″ (3.94” with no adjacent tool)
Maximum Tool Weight 17.6 LBS
Maximum Tool Length 11.8″
Tool Type CAT-40 or HSK-63A (BBT-40 opt)
Ballscrews and Axis Motors
X-Y-Z Ballscrew Diameter 1.57” X 20mm pitch, 1.57” Y 20mm pitch x 2, 1.57” Z x 20 pitch
Ballscrew Type Class 3 double nut pre-loaded
Ballscrew Mounting Type Pre-tensioned
X-Y-Z-B-C Servo Motor HP 6.5HP, 6.5HP(2), 5.9HP, 8.6HP, 34HP
Servo Motor Mounting Direct coupled XYZ / Torque motor A/C
Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z 1969, 1969, 1575 IPM
Cutting Feed Rate 1181 IPM with look ahead
Linear Positioning Accuracy +/- .0003″ full stroke
Linear Repeatability .0002″
Tilt / Rotary Accuracy +/- 8 arc seconds
Tilt / Rotary Repeatability +/- 5 arc seconds
Coolant Tank Capacity 110 gallons
Machine Weight (base machine only) 29,040 LBS
Floor Space 202″ X 126″ x 128″
Machine Power Source 380 Volts, 3 Phase 175 Amps**
Air Source 90 PSI

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