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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


Top 7 Reasons to Attend Haas Service Training

Need a good reason to attend Haas Service Training? Well, we’ve got 7!

The Phillips Haas Service Training course is beneficial to anyone who owns and operates a Haas machine. This course will give you all the knowledge you and your team need to keep your shop up and running. Taking ownership of your Haas maintenance and service is a game-changer.

saving company's time and money

1. Save your company time and money.

Fix your companies' Haas machines in hours, not days. With the knowledge you will gain from our Haas Service Training course, you will be able to have the know-how to take on many maintenance and service repairs on your Haas machine without the need for a technician to come visit your shop.

Hands on training provided

2. Hands-on training.

You will "roll up your sleeves" and work on real Haas machines, providing you with the practical experience to service your own machines. Just like the Haas machines in your shop, get hands-on training on a UMC-500, VF-2 and many other models!

learn from the best

3. Learn from the best.

Our instructors are top-notch. They were former Haas machinists themselves and are passing along invaluable knowledge to course attendees. The years of infield experience they bring to each class help you get all of your specific questions answered.

Acquire a new skill set

4. Acquire a new skill set.

Make yourself more valuable to your company. The additional skill set of understanding the ins and outs of servicing your Haas machine will be invaluable to your company!

networking with other machinists

5. Network with other machinists.

Whether during lunch or after the course, you’ll be able to talk with fellow machinists and perhaps make some life-long friends. It's a great time to talk shop and learn about related industries to your own!

free haas service key

6. Free Haas Service Key.

Receive a Haas service key at the end of the course for FREE. The service key unlocks service parameters on any Haas Next Gen Control (NGC) machine! This means if you have 10 NGC machines, the key (which Haas sells for $500) is worth $5,000!

having fun while learning

7. Have fun!

Whether you’re visiting the Sunsphere (constructed for the 1982 World’s Fair) or getting a bite to eat in Market Square, there are ample activities for you to choose from in Knoxville, TN when the training course ends for the day..

Are you ready to bring ownership of Haas maintenance and service repair in-house?

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