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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


Johnford Super Hi-Net series of vertical machining centers combines speed, rigidity and precision specifically aimed at high speed mold machining. To maximize surface finish quality of molds, the SHV Series machines feature Schneeberger roller type linear ways on all axes with large diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews. Weiss integral spindles with 31 hp are standard equipment.

X-Y-Z travels for the four-machine series range from 33″ x 24″ x 24″ (838 mm x 600 mm x 600 mm) to 48″ x 28″ x 25″ (1219 mm x 711 mm x 635 mm).

Standard features include a heavy-duty 24-tool arm-type automatic tool changer mounted to the left side of the machine for easy maintenance, a chip removal system consisting of twin screw type rear discharge conveyors, a high volume coolant system, and a full machine enclosure to contain chips and coolant.

The vertical machining center was designed to maximize ergonomic efficiency. The Y-axis servo motor location in the back of the machine allows the table to move close to the front of the machine within easy reach of the operator. The Fanuc 18iMB control features AI NANO HPCC to facilitate high speed, high accuracy machining. A twin-spindle version of the machine is available as well.

Optional accessories include 1,000 psi through-spindle coolant, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) coolant systems, up to120 tool capacity tool magazines, automatic pallet changers, part and tool probes, linear scales and thermal compensation software.


X Travel (in.) 33 41 48 41
Y Travel (in.) 24 24 28 24
Z Travel (in.) 24 24 25 20
Table Load (lbs.) 2,840 2,840 3,300 2,840
Rapids (in./min.) 1,181 1,181 944 944
Control (Fanuc) 31iM-B 31iM-B 31iM-B 31iM-B
Spindle Type #1 Weiss Integral Weiss Integral Weiss Integral Weiss Integral
RPM (K) #1 24 / 18 24 / 18 24 / 18 24 / 18
Spindle HP #1 31 31 31 31
ATC Capacity #1 24 HSK-63A 24 HSK-63A 24 HSK-63A 24 HSK-63A
Spindle Type #2 N/A N/A Weiss Integral N/A
RPM (K) #2 N/A N/A 15 N/A
Spindle HP #2 N/A N/A 56 N/A
ATC Capacity #2 N/A N/A 40 HSK-100A N/A
Weight (lbs.) 17,600 18,700 20,900 18,700

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