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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Optimize Production with Robotics

with Robotics

Adding to your production fleet can create a powerful and efficient tool but choosing the right machine to meet your demands is vital. At Phillips, we have the necessary expertise to help you choose from one of the industry-leading robot brands we sell to optimize your production and achieve your manufacturing goals.

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Increase Throughput
with Robotics

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3X Parts Per Day Possible
with Robotics

Are You Ready to Automate?

Discover which of our automation solutions is the right fit for your production needs by taking our automation quiz as your first step toward efficient and streamlined manufacturing.

Our Automation and Robotics Solutions

Haas Robot Packages

Haas Robot Package 1

Haas Robot Package 1

This 6-axis robot system includes the FANUC LR Mate 200i robot arm with 7 KG capacity, two end-of-arm part gripper, and is compatible with ST-10 through ST-25 turning centers.

Haas Robot Package 2

Haas Robot Package 2

With a 25 KG capacity, the FANUC M-20iD/26 robot comes with all the necessary equipment to keep your production moving. This package is also compatible with Haas medium vertical machine centers and ST-20 through ST-25 turning centers.

Haas Robot Package 3

Haas Robot Package 3

An all-inclusive design, this package includes the FANUC M-710iC/50 6-axis robot arm with 5 KG capacity alongside the proper accessories. Please note, this package does require a separate 200-230V 3-Phase 50/60 Hz, 7.5 kVA power supply.

The Fleet of Universal Robots

Robot Denmark Sticker by Universal Robots for iOS & Android | GIPHY


Ideal for automating low-weight processing tasks like picking, placing and testing, this medium- sized robot arm is easy to program, fast to set up and - just like the other collaborative members of the UR family - offers one of the fastest payback times in the industry.

UR16e Haas Universal Robots


A small footprint and 900 mm reach makes the UR16e ideal for applications such as heavy-duty materials handling and CNC machine tending applications, including multi-gripper end of arm tooling.

UR10 Haas Universal Robots

UR 10

As the largest robot arm in the UR family and the one with the most muscle power, the UR10 does not compromise on precision. This collaborative robot arm will automate heavier-weight process tasks with payload requirements of up to 10 kg

Robotic Process Automation Solutions

We provide customizable solutions to meet the specific needs of your company using FANUC robots. We have highly experienced, dedicated robotic automation engineers to help you streamline your manufacturing process.

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Experience the full potential of production with integrated automation and robotics.
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