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Precihole - For All Your Deep Hole & Hole Finishing Needs!

Precihole Machine Tools is a leading manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of precision engineering machines, including deep hole drilling machines, gun drilling machines, and other special purpose machines and tools.
The machines and tools are designed to meet the demanding requirements of precision drilling, hole-making, and finishing operations. Precihole’s gun drilling machines are designed for drilling small diameter holes with high precision and accuracy, with diameters as small as 0.5mm.
Precihole also offers other products such as honing machines, skiving and roller burnishing machines, special purpose machines, and custom-built solutions for specific applications. Overall, Precihole Machine Tools is known for its innovative and reliable products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Deep hole drilling is a process of drilling holes with a depth-to-diameter ratio greater than 10:1. It is commonly used in industries such as defense, firearm, die and mold, aerospace, medical, and automotive to produce high-quality, accurate holes in various materials.
The benefits of deep hole drilling include improved accuracy, surface finish, reduced cycle time & cost, and increased productivity. Deep hole drilling can also improve the strength and durability of materials.
Deep hole drilling is a process that can be applied to a wide range of materials, such as metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics.
There are several types of deep hole drilling methods, including gun drilling, BTA drilling, counter boring, Ejector drilling, trepanning, and skiving and roller burnishing.
Gun drilling is a deep hole drilling method that uses a long, thin drill bit with a single cutting edge. It is a highly accurate and efficient method that produces holes with excellent surface finishes. Gun drilling is different from other deep hole drilling methods because it uses a single cutting edge and requires high-pressure coolant.
Deep hole drilling is commonly used in applications such as automotive shafts, mold plates, thermowells, fuel injectors, hydraulic cylinders, gun barrels, aerospace components, and medical instruments.
The challenges associated with deep hole drilling include controlling chip formation, maintaining coolant pressure and flow, minimizing tool deflection, and managing heat buildup.
The factors to consider when selecting a deep hole drilling tool or machine include the material being drilled, the hole size and depth, the required tolerances, the production volume and rate, and the available coolant and filtration systems. Other factors to consider include the cost of the equipment and the availability of technical support and maintenance services.
Precihole offers a complete range of deep hole drilling and hole finishing machines for gun drilling, BTA drilling, boring, trepanning, skiving and roller burnishing, honing, reaming, rifling
Precihole has been in business of making deep hole drilling and hole finishing machines for over three decades. Precihole machines are well designed, and battle hardened in the industry. Precihole has tremendous experience of understanding needs of your application and providing a customized solutions to cater to your needs. All Precihole solutions come with local service and support. Customer satisfaction on Precihole machines is very high.
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