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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

An innovative and intuitive platform for all things manufacturing.

A one-stop shop design to equip the machinist community with tools and resources for success!


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A social platform design specifically for the machinist community.
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Job posting and talent recruitment forum.
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Machining resource center that enables and enhances productivity.
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Specialized course offerings that will ensure machine skill mastery.
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phillips Learning

Hone your machining skills, advance your skillsets, and aspire for greatness by enrolling in specialized manufacturing courses.

Get hands-on training from expert instructors in a variety of areas that will help you tackle real world problems, increase productivity, and ultimately help
you master your craft.

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phillips Machines

Access a myriad of machine resources to boost your productivity and sharpen your skills. Easily add and manage your machines with quick reference tools such as manuals, codes, charts, and calculators.

Ask Joe – a built-in machinist assistant to help you out with any roadblocks.

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phillips pulse

Tap into all thing machining with videos, image
galleries, event announcement, downloadable resources, and much more!

Connect with manufacturing titans! Learn from the experts, share ideas, explore the latest trends, and socialize on a platform specifically designed for you!

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phillips jobs

The perfect career search platform for the machinist community – linking talented applicants to dream jobs and employers to a skilled workforce.

Explore manufacturing job openings, match skills and interests, bookmark interesting opportunities, and easily apply!

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The Phillips Machinist 3.0 Introduction | One-Stop-Shop for every Machinist (0.39)


The key features of the app are Phillips Pulse – a social platform for the manufacturing community to interact and share industry information; Machines – a repository of machining resources including manuals, calculators, codes, and charts; Learning – Course and programs curated for manufacturing students and professionals; and Jobs – A platform for prospective manufacturing candidates to search and apply for jobs in the industry.

The Phillips Machinist app is an innovative tool designed to assist machinists and manufacturing professionals in improving their daily productivity, staying in touch with industry leaders and trends, and providing opportunities for developing and advancing skill sets.

The Phillips Pulse feature is a social platform that allows people in the manufacturing community to engage with peers and leaders in the industry. The feed features manufacturing information such as news, announcements, videos, and other related posts. Users can engage, comment, ask questions, and provide insights on posts.

Students are exposed to many resources and opportunities for growth. They are able to access technical knowledge about machines, enroll in curated manufacturing courses to gain skills and competency, and easily explore and apply to manufacturing jobs.

Simply download the app for free on Google Play or Apple App Store and follow four simple steps to get started. To create your account, input general personal information, location, email address and then select a persona that best describes you (i.e. student, machinist, educator, service technician).

The Phillips Machinist App is completely free to download and use.

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