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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Hanover, Md. July 26, 2021

Phillips Corporation, one of the largest providers of manufacturing technology products and services in the United States and India, today announced the formation of a new division, Phillips Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM will source high-quality medium to complex CNC machined parts to U.S. customers from its existing India-based operation of customer/vendor machine shop relationships.

Phillips’ 250 employees in India include application engineers, purchasing and logistics personnel who will be key contributors to the facilitation, quality control and overall management of SCM.  A long-tenured successful operation in India has led Phillips to build a robust base of loyal customer/vendor relationships.  These relationships are nurtured and managed by our highly experienced India team, enabling a manufacturing and export program that provides quality and affordable machined parts for U.S. based Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). As the global supply chain challenges continue for the foreseeable future, SCM can be a valuable resource for U.S. based OEMs seeking quality and affordable machined parts from a reliable and knowledgeable supply chain partner. Phillips’ U.S. customers requiring CNC machined parts from trusted India vendors may experience up to a 30% cost savings as well as a predictable flow of quality machined parts.

Alan Phillips, Chairman/CEO of Phillips Corporation states: “Globalization has resulted in many of our U.S. based OEM customers becoming dependent upon countries impacted by trade tensions, geopolitical disruptions, pandemics and related supply chain challenges.  We believe that our SCM program is the right solution at the right time for U.S. OEM’s.  We are entirely committed to deliver a high-quality machined parts sourcing program that is both reliable and a complete solution to providing affordability and predictability in the form of SCM’s part acquisition, logistics and shipping services. As Phillips’ large, seasoned and talented India-based team is run with the same performance values as our U.S. team, we are highly confident of their capability and performance standards”.

For additional information about our supply chain services, please contact:

Phillips Corp. USA
Supply Chain Management Division
Paul Phillips – Sales Manager
Phone 757 678 3026


About Phillips Corporation

For more than 60 years, federal government, private sector industry and education leaders have trusted the experts at Phillips Corporation to solve their greatest manufacturing challenges. Our mission is to create legendary value for the manufacturing community by unlocking solutions to propel capabilities, profitability and productivity. Phillips represents a robust combination of equipment, applications expertise, and services that are well-suited to meet the growing range of present and future manufacturing applications requirements.   Learn more about Phillips at www.phillipscorp.com 


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