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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


Whether you need to make parts, castings, or difficult to machine alloys, the M450 gives you an easy to use, compact, affordable solution.

Meltio M450 Machined Belt Sprocket

Meltio 450: The Wire-Laser Metal 3D Printer

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M450 3D Printer – DED Technology: Y-Pipe Printing Process.

A Metal 3D Printer for Everyone


Turnkey Metal 3D Printer

Produce metal parts of very high density in a single-step process on a very compact footprint.

Turnkey metal
3D printer

Produce metal parts of very high density in a single-step process on a very compact footprint.

M450 Applications

Dual Material Pipe

Material: SS3116L + Ni718
Size: 4.25 x 4.25 x 5.90 inches
Weight: 11.02 pounds
Print Costs: $186.84

Connecting Rod

Material: SS316L
Size: 1.95 x 6.16 x 13.10 inches
Weight: 22 pounds
Print Costs: $269.07

The Wire Edge

The M450’s use of metal wire (instead of the metal powder used by other 3D printers) offers several powerful advantages

Lower Operating Costs

Metal wire (the same used for welding) is about half the cost of powder and easily accessible from Phillips or third-party suppliers.

Multi-Metal Parts

It’s incredibly easy to combine different metals in one part for superior design, strength and weight.


Metal wire is safer and cleaner than powders, which require costly safety measures.

Open Material Platform

It is recommended to print the bulk of the parts with metallic wire – the cleanest, safest and lowest cost metal feedstock in the market. Materials the M450 can print include:
Excellent strength and corrosion resistance.
Cheap and ductile with unparalleled machineability and weldability.
High impact strength that retains hardness at high temperatures.
Highest strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance.
High versatility with outstanding heat and corrosion resistance.

Options for even more capabilities

Hot Wire

Increases the metal deposition speed with a programmable power supply that preheats the material before it enters the melt pool.

Dual Wire

Unique ability to print parts in two materials by switching from one wire type to another automatically in five seconds within a part print. Maximize part strength and durability while minimizing overall material cost.

Work Station

Sturdy wheeled table made from stainless steel and aluminum. Contains tool and material drawers.

Meltio Horizon Software

Meltio Horizon is an exclusive slicer designed to deliver a personalized customer experience for our plug-and-play metal 3D printer. It is tailored to the laser-wire deposition process. Create parts faster without compromising the surface finish.


Tailored for Laser Wire: Specifically designed to accommodate Laser Wire technology.

User-Friendly Interface: Streamlined interface with only relevant settings accessible.

Integrated Functionality: This is more than just toolpath generation. Integrates print and material profiles into a unified job for enhanced control over the printing process.

Future-Ready Platform: Dedicated platform for toolpath generation ensures scalability for future service expansions.

Hotwire Compatibility: Seamlessly utilize hotwire features from the slicer interface. Easily configure different build sections for optimal quality and speed.

Tailored Gas Profiles: Set up your gas source and expenses directly within Meltio Horizon. Flow rates specified for each material.

Phillips is invested in your success

Application Engineering

We provide both pre-and after-sales support.

Installation and Service

Our extensive service team provides support during and after the warranty period.

Customer Training

Phillips provides on-site training as well as a host of in-person classes.

Why choose Phillips?

We are a global manufacturing solutions and services company, partnering with customers to create legendary value, by providing unparalleled expertise, innovative thinking, and solutions for those who shape the future. We partner with our metalworking customers to improve competencies for applying manufacturing technology – resulting in leaps in productivity, great prosperity, and enduring competitive advantage.


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