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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

The Markforged FX20 the new standard in short run production. printing materials approved for aerospace. creating large parts with aluminum strength.

Markforged with Phillips Corporation

Markforged’s FX20 3D Printer

The FX20 gives manufacturers the ability to print large production parts on demand allowing them to overcome supply chain challenges, labor shortages, and capacity constraints. Engineered to deliver maximum strength, accuracy, and consistency, FX20 produces mission-critical parts for the most demanding applications, from the factory floor to the skies and beyond. Ideal for consumer-facing applications due to high surface quality finish. Replace long lead-time metals with high-temperature thermoplastics and continuous fiber reinforced composites.

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FX20 Product Features

Even stronger components with ULTEMTM 9085

The Markforged FX20 is the first printer in the Markforged family to print the new ULTEMTM 9085 material. The material is characterised by its high resistance to heat and chemicals and also has the highest tensile and flexural strength. In addition, the conventional materials such as Onyx, Onyx FR, Onyx ESD, Nylon White and a support material for ULTEM TM 9085 the ULTEM TM Support can be printed.
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