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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


Phillips has partnered with Johnford, a worldwide leader in CNC machine tool manufacturing for almost 40 years due to their exceptional quality and flexibility. The company is known for their heavy-duty workhorse CNCs, as well as for their custom-made machines that have been placed throughout the global market. Johnford’s heavy casting, poured in their own foundry, delivers unsurpassed rigidity and longevity.

Modern Factories

Johnford's facilities include three factories, their own foundry, and an earthquake-proof and computerized 8-story office building that provides a solid foundation for the company to design and manufacture the best quality machines. In addition, these modern facilities equip the company to deliver broader range of standard specialized machines in a short period of time. 

Quality Manufacturing

Johnford heavily focuses on optimizing the entire manufacturing process. From casting to precision grinding and from assembly line to final inspection, the whole procedure of production is strictly controlled and monitored. Johnford machines are both ISO 9001 and CE certified. Roundtop's quality control department is well trained to conduct rigorous inspections by using precision and sophisticated instruments. 

Johnford Machines


Moving Column Table-Type Horizontal Machining Center

BMC Series

Table-Type Horizontal Boring Mills

DMC Series

Moving Table Bridge Mills

FBMC Series

Floor-Type Horizontal Boring Mills

GT Series

Large Horizontal Slant Bed Turning Centers

HT Series

Horizontal Slant Bed Turning Centers with Dual Turret & 4-9 Axes

LC Series

Large Flat Bed Lathes

SDMC Series

Sliding Column Bridge Mills

SHV Series

Mold and Die Vertical Machining Centers

SL Series

45 Degree Horizontal Slant Bed Turning Centers

ST Series

60 Degree Horizontal Slant Bed Turning Centers

SV and VMC Series

40 Taper Super Vertical Machining Center

SV and VMC Series

50 Taper Super Vertical Machining Centers

SV and VMC Series

Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Centers

UMC Series

Universal Machining Centers


Company established to produce conventional lathes.


Went public; added several production lines.


Received ISO 9002 certification.


SV & ST Series Developed.


5-Face & 5-Axis bridge mills developed; TRL-981102-32 certified.


Joined Gretai Securities Market of Taipei Exchange.


Invested $24 million to construct 3rd factory.


Listed in Taiwanese Stock Market.

Johnford Manufacturing Solutions

Johnford SL-500A Slant Bed Turning Center at IMTS 2022

Johnford ST-80C Delivered to Solmet Industries in Ohio

Johnford Machine Tools'
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