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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


One of the biggest benefits we’re seeing is a major reduction in downtime. Plus, fewer repair calls, lower service costs, longer machine life, higher quality parts and real increases in productivity.

Our classes are entirely hands-on. You solve real problems on real machines. Plus, you’ll learn from highly experienced techs who go above and beyond to help you, something many participants comment on in their feedback.

In-house service techs, operators (with service responsibilities), maintenance managers, new techs, and more seasoned maintenance personnel.

Classes are offered all year. See our calendar.

Yes! Learn more about government grants that may help pay for training by contacting us at 800-989-9181  or haastraining@phillipscorp.com

Yes. In fact, Phillips is Haas’s only preferred provider of service training.

There are several hotels nearby. Once you register, we’ll provide you with information on accommodations.

While our classes are focused on Haas, many participants say our “systems approach” to diagnosing problems and making repairs is helping them with many other machine brands.

Too often, we jump to “solutions,” only to find out later we ordered the wrong parts or wasted days trying to fix the wrong thing. Good service techs are a lot like Sherlock Holmes. They always get to the bottom of the mystery in order to solve it.

Yes! We like to keep things light (Hope you don’t mind a few jokes). Plus, we offer a complimentary lunch EVERY day, and a chance to connect with peers in your industry.

Absolutely. Just give us a call at 800-989-9181.

Ask Jason