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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto


Johnford FBMC-160 floor-type horizontal boring mills are engineered for precision machining of large parts. The massive machines can be custom-configured to exactly meet specific production needs. Standard axis travels for X, Y, Z, W and V axes are 236″ x 137.8″ x 47.24″ x 39.37″ x 78.74″ (6,000 mm x 3,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm). Y axis travel can extend to 196.8″ (5,000 mm) and X axis travel can reach to 591″ (15,011 mm) and beyond.

The machines feature a moving column X axis and both a fixed and a rotary table for the V axis, a heavy duty design that results in maximum rigidity and accuracy. The X axis base is a one piece Meehanite cast iron construction. Roller ways in X, Y, Z, and V have precision Schneeberger 65mm bearings. A pressurized automatic oil system force lubricates the ways. A dual rack and pinion drive moves the X axis and provides high speed rapid traverse of 630″/min (16 m/min) with near zero backlash. Large diameter pre-tensioned ballscrews and servo motors position the other axes. The Y and V axes feature 3.15″ (80 mm)-dia. ballscrews while Z and W feature 2.5” (63.5 mm)-dia ballscrews.

Heidenhain scales are standard in all linear axes. The headstock features a 20.5″ (520 mm) x 17.7″ (450 mm) rectangular ram for the Z axis and a 6.3″ (160mm) bar for the W axis.

The 100 hp, 2,200 rpm main spindle motor has a 3 speed gear drive, and the spindle and headstock are oil cooled to minimize thermal growth.

Standard features include a stand-alone heavy-duty 60 tool arm type automatic tool changer, a comprehensive chip removal system, a high volume coolant system, a full B-axis rotary table with built-in rotary scale, and 300 psi coolant through the spindle.

The standard Fanuc 31iM-B control is suited for all types of general machining applications and provides options for high speed, high accuracy mold and die machining.


X Travel (in.) 236 – (up to 591 and beyond)
Y Travel (in.) 137.80 – 196.85
Z Travel (in.) 47.24
W Travel (in.) 39.37
V Travel (in.) 78.74
Ram Cross Section (in.) 17.72 x 20.47
Spindle Bar (in.) 6.3
Table Size Length (in.) 275.59 – 393.70
Table Size Width (in.) 98.43
Table Loading Capacity (lbs/sq. ft.) 1024
Max. Workpiece Load Flat Table (lbs.) 2,200 lbs./sq.ft
Spindle (hp.) 100
Spindle Speed (RPM) 10 – 2,200
Spindle Nose Taper CAT-50
Spindle Drive Motor (HP) 80/100
Spindle Drive Motor (S1/S6 – 60%) (kW) 60 /75
Spindle Drive 3 Speed Gearbox
X/Y/Z/W/V Axis Rapid Traverse (in./min.) X=630.4 / Y,Z,V=472.8 / W=236.4
X/Y/Z/W/V Axis Cutting Feed Rate (in./min.) 1 – 236.22
X/Y/Z/W/V Axis Servo Motor (HP) X=12 / Y=8 / Z,W,V=9
ATC Capacity 60 (80/120 opt.)
ATC Max Tool Diameter (in.) ∅9.84
ATC Max Tool Length (in.) 15.75
ATC Max Tool Mass (lbs.) 55
ATC Max Tool Diameter of Full Setting (in.) ∅4.92
ATC Tool Selection Bi-Direction Random Type, Shortest Path
Pneumatic Pressure 85 PSI
Rotary Table Size (in.) 98.43 x 118.11
Rotary Table Capacity (lbs.) 55,000 (100,000 opt.)
Machine Length (in.) 799.21 – 917.32
Machine Width (in.) 564.96
Machine Height (in.) 230.31 – 289.37
CNC Control Type FANUC 31iMB
Weight (lbs.) 240,000 – 349,800 (est. weights increase
with X Travel sizes)

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