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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Haas training course catalog at Phillips Corp.





From machine programming to repairs, our new premier education program is rewriting the training story. Entirely hands-on, our classes are taught by some of the country’s most experienced experts. Master real challenges on real machines. For real results.

Haas training courses at Phillips Corp offer a unique hands-on approach. Find on-site training near you today!

HAAS SERVICE Training CLasses

Haas Advanced UMC Service Training

Course Description

UMCs are unique and difficult to install and yet crashes can happen daily. In a 4-day class we’ll show you the correct method to get machines aligned quickly and efficiently.

The Advanced UMC class is taught from a crash recovery point of view. We’ll have a “wrecked machine for all students to work on.

Starting with the leveling procedure, we’ll discover that the machine cannot be leveled and hold alignment, and we’ll move to an inspection phase where the casting is set to neutral, and all the alignments are measured.

Phillips follows the official Haas procedure for corrections. We have all the Haas specified tools on hand to perform the alignment. Students will make the necessary corrections to bring the machine back in spec including the B and C axis. The API Swivel Check will be used to correct the accuracy of the rotary axis.

Classes are offered weekly in Knoxville, TN.

Length of Class: TBD

Interested? Please complete our inquiry form and a Phillips representative will be in touch to answer any questions.

Upcoming Classes

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Experienced Instructors

“These guys not only had the knowledge. They had a lot of experience in the field.”

More than Pays for Itself

“We’ve already saved 10 times as much as we spent on this training in more uptime and fewer service calls. And we’re only 3 months in.”

Experienced Instructors

“These guys not only had the knowledge. They had a lot of experience in the field.”

Batman & Robin

“My instructors were like the dynamic duo.”

Highest Praise

“Best Haas educational experience I’ve ever had.”

Worth the Week

“Absolutely fantastic. Totally worth the week.”

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