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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Haas training course catalog at Phillips Corp.





From machine programming to repairs, our new premier education program is rewriting the training story. Entirely hands-on, our classes are taught by some of the country’s most experienced experts. Master real challenges on real machines. For real results.

Haas training courses at Phillips Corp offer a unique hands-on approach. Find on-site training near you today!

HAAS SERVICE Training CLasses

Haas Advanced Lathe Service Training

Course Description
In just five days, worker(s) will take their Haas CNC lathe service skills to the next level by learning how to repair a crashed lathe.

Key areas of focus they will learn about and gain practice on include:

  1. Haas Lathe geometry inspection using test bar.
  2. Geometry correction/lathe alignment.
  3. Spindle replacement.
  4. C-axis alignment & brake engagement.
  5. Hydraulic union alignment.
  6. Spindle lube verification.
  7. Guide rail alignment and replacement.
  8. Tool pre-setter alignment and calibration.

Classes are offered weekly in Knoxville, TN.

Length of Class: 5 days

Interested? Please complete our inquiry form and a Phillips representative will be in touch to answer any questions.

Upcoming Classes

Start DateCourse NumberCourse NamePrerequisitesTraining SiteHFOSkill LevelTraining Category
8/19/2024EDU-102Haas Advanced Lathe Service TrainingEDU-101Knoxville, TNNoAdvancedService


Experienced Instructors

“These guys not only had the knowledge. They had a lot of experience in the field.”

More than Pays for Itself

“We’ve already saved 10 times as much as we spent on this training in more uptime and fewer service calls. And we’re only 3 months in.”

Experienced Instructors

“These guys not only had the knowledge. They had a lot of experience in the field.”

Batman & Robin

“My instructors were like the dynamic duo.”

Highest Praise

“Best Haas educational experience I’ve ever had.”

Worth the Week

“Absolutely fantastic. Totally worth the week.”

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interested in learning more?

Please complete the form, and a representative
from Phillips Education will be in touch.

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