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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Integrate CNC Manufacturing Into Your Production

Integrate CNC Manufacturing Into Your Production

Improved efficiency. Greater precision. Minimal waste. CNC manufacturing is a core tenant of today’s production industry. With the top-of-the-line CNC machines and unparalleled service, Phillips is here to ensure you get the most of out of your manufacturing process.

Our CNC Services

Preventative Maintenance

Customized machine Preventative Maintenance service plan pays for itself by detecting problems early, keeping your machines running at optimal efficiency and your production moving.

Haas Service Training

With continued education opportunities and best-in-class training content, our service trainings invest in your employees’ skillsets and improve productivity.

Phillips Opto

When an Opto engineer steps onto your shop floor, you’re guaranteed experience, expertise, and engagement to ensure your machines are running at enduring efficiency.

Phillips Vision

Our enhanced remote service maximizing your uptime, with machines running in just a few hours. Convenient, easy, and accessible, Phillips Vision provides live step-by-step repair and service instructions.

Our CNC Machine Partners


Our team of experienced technicians know Haas machines inside and out, with over 18,00 machines installed across 12 states, ten Haas Factory Showrooms, and a factory outlet for 30 years, making Phillips is one of the leading Haas experts in the world.

Our Hass Products Include:

Haas VF-2

The VF-2 is our most popular model, and the workhorse of any shop with a high-power, direct-drive spindle and easily customizable to your needs

Haas VMT-750

The Haas VMT-750 vertical mill/turn center combines the rigid structure of our VF-5 vertical machining center with the robust spindle of our ST-15 big-bore turning center to create a versatile multi-tasking center for machining medium-sized complex parts in a single setup.

Haas ST-28

The ST-28 turning center combines the heavy-duty A2-8 spindle head of our mid-size ST-35 big-bore lathe with the compact footprint of our smaller ST-25 to create a powerful turning center that provides heavy-duty cutting capability, without taking up a lot of valuable shop floorspace.


For complex components with challenging geometries, Hermle machines are designed to handle anything, with their mechanical precision and accuracy for even the most difficult parts.

Our Hemle Products Include:

Hermle C 250 U

With wide-reaching swiveling range of the work pieces in the working area, the exploitation of the full traverse range and the large collision circle between the table sections, the C 250 U has the largest working area in relation to the installation area.

Hermle C 400 U

The C 400 U is a dynamic and economical machining center designed for 5-axis / 5-side machining. The mineral cast machine bed provides for the C 400 U’s stable, vibration-free machining.

Hermle C 650 U

From machine construction to precision mechanics, from medical engineering to energy production, from the aerospace and automotive industry to tool and mold construction and the general subcontractor industry.


JTEKT Toyoda

JTEKT Toyoda offers industry-leading high-precision performance machines optimized for speed, rigidity and reliability that will be sure to increase production efficiency.

Our JTEKT Toyoda Products Include:

Horizontals Machining Centers

FH500J The FH500J and FH500J-50 are compact, high-speed horizontal machining centers featuring a 15,000 RPM spindle, tool-to-tool cycle time of .9 seconds, and a rapid feed-rate of 2,362 ipm (60 m/min).

Vertical Machining Centers

UA2090Ti-5 axis Using a tilting head for 5-axis machining, the UA2090Ti is high-performance vertical machining center designed for large part machining of Titanium and Hard Alloy components with an oil-recirculating heat exchange that keeps the spindle temperature constant and ensures accuracy.

Grinding Machines

GE4i-50 INTER The GE4i INTER features internal grinding specifications with the same patented Toyoda Stat Bearing and floating plate ball nut technology of external grinding to ensure high accuracy and positioning.

Turning Centers

LA-250 The LA model is designed with a high-performance spindle and modulized structure with optional live tooling, alongside two axes and C axis, gear box spindle and box guideway.

Our CNC Pairings

Additive manufacturing is a cost-effective way to elevate your CNC machine. From work holdings to prototypes, maximize your production.

Increase the productivity of your CNC machines and keep production running 4/7 with the integration of one of our robotics packages.

Ensure your CNC machines are being used to their full capacity by attending one of our Haas Service Training courses and upgrade your in-house repairs and services in just a single week class.

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