Fast Ways to Find Qualified Candidates

By: Amy Yasneski
Role: Recruitment & Hiring

Ever find yourself wondering, how do I find qualified candidates? Finding the right person to fill your open position can be tough while aiming to assure best skills, attitude, ethic and company fit.  More often than not, it means spending hours filtering through resumes and it’s about time we minimize our search hours and more time filling the position. So, I’ve put together my top recruiting resources to help you find qualified candidates fast. So here goes – my first list coming up!

  1. Recruit For an Employer of Choice – It helps if you’re recruiting for a company who is associated with other organizations in your industry, making it easier for the right people to find you. That also means making sure your company really does live up to its company culture and that this information is effectively relayed outward to your candidates.
  2. Resume Databases – Instead of searching for new candidates, build your own resume database! If you don’t have an existing HRIS or ATS system, building your own resume database system is great as you’re able to file candidates that may have not been a good fit for one position, but may for another you have down the line. It’s even better if you have notes from a previous interview helping you to quickly match both skill and cultural fit.
  3. Company Website – Ensure your company website has a compelling careers page. It should offer  different job search options, benefits info, company info and what sets your company apart from the competition.
  4. Stay in Touch – Stay connected with candidates who stood out during the interview process despite not being the best fit for that particular position. Often, times they may be a better fit for a position you have down the road.
  5. Employee Referral Program – Who knows your company better than your existing employees? More than likely, existing employees know other good fits for your company. Utilize this by developing or taking advantage of your employee referral program.
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  1. This is an awesome read! Great information, and really helpful!