Jeffreys HFO Hosts Semper Fi/Wounded Warriors at Barber Vintage Festival

Thanks to Everyone
By: Scott Oden

Thank You All!

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped make the Barber Vintage Festival successful October 12-14, 2012.  It was a lot of work and some long days, but we had about 300 visitors over the three-day period.  I know I had several of my best customers, as well as some new prospects there, and the other salesmen did as well.  I truly believe it helps to make good long-term relationships.  Customers are impressed with Barber, our Haas Exhibit at Barber, and the first class way we treat them.

We also had 21 visitors on Friday, October 12th, from Semper Fi / Wounded Warriors. 10 were veterans and the rest were their family members and friends.  They were very appreciative of the generous invitation, and truly enjoyed themselves.  The two gentlemen I talked to the most had been stationed in Afghanistan, and were with a rocket battery.  They had some interesting stories.  I would not want to be the enemy! Their injuries came from the rugged terrain they constantly had to cover.  Others did not say anything, but you could see the signs of their injuries.

They had beautiful, young families, and they had the opportunity to spend time with them at Barber Motor Sports & the Vintage Museum.  Shane LeCroix and I were at the Swap Meet, and saw mostly all of the veterans there, and they were having a great time.

Lori Martin, a volunteer with Semper Fi, who helped organize the veterans, was not able to make the trip; however, she called the next day, after talking to the guys, and looking at the pictures. I wish you could have heard the appreciation in her voice.  She thanked us over and over.

That said, I would like to thank the Phillips Corporation, Alan Phillips, Brooks Barwick, and Michael Garner, for allowing us organize a community service event, such as this. It is nice to give a little back, and to have their support. I inquired, seeking feedback, of mostly everyone who contrinuted, about what they thought of doing an event like this, and all said, “Yes,” immediately volunteering to participate. It went very well!


 Carolyn Griffin, the perfect hostess/greeter for the Semper Fi/Wounded Warrior Lunch!


Thank You!

 Scott Oden, Haas Specialist

Phillips Corporation – Jeffreys Division

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