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Brand Ambassador – John Hartley

As part of the Phillips Federal Division, John Hartley is described as a true team player. He’s always ready to roll up his sleeves and dive deep into work when it’s necessary. He’s involved in his community outside of work as a volunteer … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Cheney Chen

Cheney Chen, Purchasing Manager at Haeger Shanghai, is compassionate, dedicated, and motivated by a continued desire to learn as much as she can. She embodies all of the characteristics of a Phillips Brand Ambassador – going above and beyond to improve relationships, processes, … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Keith Race

Keith’s COT, The A Team, successfully “escaped” a breakout room in less than 45 minutes during a team building night in Alabama. The Phillips brand goal is to be the best resource in manufacturing technology, providing legendary value to our customers. So, it’s no … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Rupesh Ranjan

To become a Phillips Brand Ambassador, a member of our community must meet an exceptionally high standard marked by dedication to the Phillips mission to be the best resource in manufacturing technology – a virtuoso engaging in dialogue to create the better idea. … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Kerstin Walz

Kerstin Walz, Operations Manager of Phillips Federal Division, sets the bar high. She is an exceptional person with an exceptional work ethic. Always committed to the goal, Kerstin goes above and beyond to engage partners, build relationships, utilize the best available resources to … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Linda Bos

Linda Bos is an accounting all star. According to her team leader, Haeger Accounting Manager Kate Shamis, she has smashed every single one of her A/R goals since Kate has had the pleasure of working with her (over a year!). “She’s a fierce … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Chris Kadawathage

Senior Financial Advisor Chris Kadawathage has executed great changes at Phillips that have increased efficiency in multiple processes, made financial reporting easier, and increased the strength and cohesion of both the senior team and accounting teams throughout the company. He has made great strides as a … Read More…

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