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Brand Ambassador – Steve Link

Steve Link is a passionate, dedicated man driven to achieve the outstanding and to encourage the best work possible in himself and others. He’s a team player who focuses not only on his success but on the success of all those around him. … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Chris Kadawathage

Senior Financial Advisor Chris Kadawathage has executed great changes at Phillips that have increased efficiency in multiple processes, made financial reporting easier, and increased the strength and cohesion of both the senior team and accounting teams throughout the company. He has made great strides as a … Read More…

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New HFO Phillips Location: Gene Haas Center for Manufacturing Innovation Opens in Greenville, SC

Greenville Technical College in South Carolina opened its state-of-the-art Gene Haas Center for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI) September 21st with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony and demo day showcasing an array of advanced manufacturing technology. The Center was named in honor of Gene Haas following two $1 … Read More…

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8 Phillips Leaders Learn From Gap International

From left to right: Fang Wei, Raj Panchal, Jeannet Trott, Kim DeBruhl, Steve Link, Deana Abushaikha, Ron Boggs, and Shubhra Miranda. We pride ourselves on our people and our community. That’s why 8 leaders across different disciplines and divisions of Phillips attended the first … Read More…

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Brand Ambassador – Guy Romano

Guy Romano has worked for Phillips for almost 3 decades. During that time, he has exemplified the qualities of a Phillips Brand Ambassador time and time again. Guy has consistently improved his performance, overcome roadblocks, accomplished greater feats, engaged and supported his fellow partners, … Read More…

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