Brand Ambassador – Joanne McCann

Joanne is a passionate Phillips Partner who believes that there is always a way to learn more, do more, and be more. She defines her life purpose as, “To improve oneself thus improving the lives of those around me.” She yearns to be the best she can be in her role here at Phillips and to help her fellow Partners do the same. As part of the accounting team, she has had a role in completing some very audacious objectives.

“Joanne is an extremely dedicated and hard worker. Her willingness to take on new and challenging projects is commendable. She takes 100% ownership of her duties and responsibilities and is always willing to go that extra mile.” Noor Kahn

One of Joanne’s greatest accomplishments took over 8 months of investigating to determine the issues at hand. There were huge inventory variances occurring during the month-end reporting. Joanne’s goal was to resolve the issues causing these variances and to keep them at an acceptable level. Once the problems were identified through the 8 months of research and digging through reports, Joanne set to work to solve this puzzle! In April 2017, the inventory variance at month end which once was tens of thousands is now just a few thousand. This incredible feat has alleviated a lot of stress during the month-end period thanks to Joanne’s hard work.

“Through her actions, Joanne without any doubt has demonstrated to me that she is always willing to learn, proactive, looking to accept new responsibility to widen her experience and a very easy partner to work with.” Chris Kadawathage

Partners who have the pleasure to work with Joanne on a regular basis say that she always lends a helping hand no matter how full her schedule might be. Joanne still spends countless hours researching ways to continually improve the processes of the accounting team and how things could be streamlined and made more efficient.

Outside of work you can catch Joanne spending time with her husband and their three children if they are stopping by to visit. They enjoy time out by the lake whether it is reading a good book, playing sudoku, or enjoying the view. One of her all-time favorite activities is watching some of her favorite sports teams! She enjoys attending the Philadelphia Phillies games during the season. And if you know Joanne, then you’ll know that she is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan! Throughout the football season, you can find Joanne chanting “Go Eagles”, even in the office.

Joanne is a very hardworking and positive Partner at Phillips and we are proud to honor her as a Featured Brand Ambassador!




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2 Responses to Brand Ambassador – Joanne McCann

  1. Marilyn Artis says:

    Joanne this is such an honor. I appreciate all that you do. You are truly a hard worker and very deserving of this award.

  2. Brenda Dorsett says:

    Congratulations Joanne for being featured as a Brand Ambassador! Kudos to you for your hard work and dedication! Enjoy those Eagles tickets!

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