Brand Ambassador – David Farrell

David Farrell is a Service Engineer by day and a barbecue pit master by night, at least on some nights. David loves to cook with smoking and barbecue being his specialty. He is often asked to provide amazing barbecue for Phillips sponsored events. You can see some of his awesome barbecue eats to the right. He also likes to try grilling new items like pizza! David and Cindy, his fiancé , love to travel and spend time together. Some would say these two are inseparable when David isn’t on the road for Phillips. They are fans of all types of traveling whether by car, plane, or even boat! They love relaxing cruises to explore new destinations. When David isn’t traveling to new destinations with his fiancé, he is traveling to visit his awesome customers.

To sum up David’s work accomplishments Joe Cochrane said,

“The only thing I have never seen David do is leave a Customer unhappy.”

Time and time again, David has shown his ability to use his knowledge and resources to provide excellent customer service and leadership. Over the 10 years that David has been with Phillips, he has been nothing but extraordinary to customers and his fellow partners. “David is always striving to be the “Expert” at everything he is responsible for,” says David’s Team Leader, Steve Link. David is continually searching for new ways to accomplish his objectives and tasks and he is always on board for extra training opportunities. He is the first to stay extra hours to work with new products or processes and he is continually receiving new procedural training from OKK USA. Steve also stated,

“He is the role model, in my opinion, for all Service Engineers at Phillips and he is an irreplaceable partner who is worth far more than he knows”.

Since obtaining the OKK product line, David has become the go-to guy for everything OKK. Steve says, “He has demonstrated an innate ability to determine very quickly what the nature of a customer’s specific problem is and he then employs his expert troubleshooting skills to find quick resolution to the problem.” With this unique trait, David is able to blow customers away with amazing customer service and problem solving. Due to the significant times and details involved in OKK installations, a significant amount of test and installation equipment is necessary for these installations to be completed. It became a logistical hurdle to ensure that all test equipment necessary arrived at the customer’s facilities at the appropriate time to facilitate smooth installations. David overcame this by suggesting an “Installation Job Box” that would have all of the necessary equipment in it and could be loaded on the back of a truck, saving significant man hours and shipping charges which significantly impacted the bottom line.

David is well known around Phillips for putting in extra time with his customers. In 2009, David worked over 20 hours of overtime in 3 days to aid a customer with a spindle issue. The complex machine needed to have the headstock and spindle rebuilt to get it back up and running smoothly. The result was a very satisfied customer whose production losses were held to the absolute minimum they could be, saving the customer thousands of dollars in lost revenue. These amazing customer service stories are very common among David’s customers.

He is as equally helpful to his fellow partners as he is to his customers. Steve reflects,

“David’s professionalism and unique personality have endeared him to all partners that work with him on a regular basis. David has the ability to set people at ease during stressful periods, fostering teamwork and eventual solutions to problems and challenges.”

David is commonly described by fellow partners as being intelligent, helpful, and a leader figure. Partners know when to turn to him for help or just to talk. Brooks Barwick also reflects,

“I could not be prouder than I am to be working with David Farrell. He is always first in line, regardless of what that line might be for chow or work! He always has the best attitude, and truly enjoys and needs to “Do The Right Thing”. “

To keep continually improving, David strives for bigger and bolder goals. He is currently working on developing a training program for the Engineered Products service engineers to help educate new hires on the different varieties of machines they will possibly work with. David’s amazing customer service stories are a small glimpse into how he uses his incredible machine knowledge and resources to be a true Phillips Brand Ambassador everyday.

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