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Brandi is known for her big smile around the Hanover office. She greets everyone with a huge hello and a cheery “how ya doing?”. As a huge dog lover, she spends a majority of her spare time spoiling her adorable dog, Fanci. She makes a great assistant on the days that Brandi works from home. She has always been passionate about helping others. She’s highly supportive of shelters who help save animals, especially pit bulls like Fanci and foundations that are working towards a cure for Huntington’s Disease. Brandi is on the committee for For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation, Phillips’ charitable partner. She is integral to the success of many of the events and fundraising efforts that Phillips hosts for our partners.

One of the unique things about Brandi is she is always willing to take on an adventure. Currently, she is in the midst of an ‘exclusion diet’ nixing items with dairy, gluten, red meat, and more from her daily meals. Since starting this new adventure she has tried out several new recipes and is cooking up a storm. At Phillips holiday celebrations, Brandi is known for bringing in a fun and healthy gluten free dessert! When she’s not busy cooking a new recipe, she loves to spend time with her friends and family. She likes to attend sporting events, concerts, and is still hoping to see Amy Schumer’s comedy tour one day. Anything new, Brandi is willing to take on!

It should be no surprise knowing Brandi that she came to Phillips Corporation ready to take on a challenge, just like she does in her everyday life. She joined Phillips with a background in banking and banking compliance, not in accounting. This might make an ordinary person very nervous, but luckily, Brandi is extraordinary and took on the large feat without skipping a beat. She learned about account reconciliations, all about AX, accounts receivable and accounts payable at the divisional level, state registration requirements and their qualifications, international audit regulations and how to manage an entire-year end audit for Phillips. That’s pretty impressive for two years of work! But this is just the beginning of Brandi’s wonderfully audacious and commendable goals she took on. As Joel Baker remembers,

“Her first breakthrough couldn’t be more audacious: ensure every key Balance Sheet account for every Phillips division is tied to a supporting schedule AND that schedule has been reviewed for validity and compliance.”

Through this breakthrough performance objective, Brandi had to create relationships with several people throughout Phillips. She met with Partners in many parts of the company to learn about the different transactions processed by Phillips. After this learning period, Joel remembers her habits,

“Now, she regularly — quarterly, monthly, and sometimes much more often — works seamlessly and effectively with her customers to ensure AR, AP, customer and vendor deposits, inventory, and other key accounts are always accurate. And she does it with a smile, more often than not bringing a smile from her customers!”

She successfully conquered her first break through objective and was ready for a new challenge.

“But it turns out her second Breakthrough would be no less audacious: to make the US financial statement audit process truly highly performance. Phillips’ US audit is a massive undertaking. It lasts from May until November, involves ever division–US and international–folks within Phillips from all over the world and external accountants from all over the world.”

While it can be an overwhelming process with all of the data requirements. Between the static data (reports, documentation, spreadsheets galore) and dynamic data (interviews, narratives, e-mail chains) Brandi manages it all. She was a perfect fit for this single point person of contact between all of the contacts around the world. The relationships that she had created through her first breakthrough helped immensely with this. Sienna Wagner knew that Brandi’s organizational skills would be ideal for managing the external auditors. From setting their schedules, creating conference calls, disseminating their requests for information, and maintaining the schedule Brandi handled it all with ease. Although there were bumps in the road while changing external accountants, Brandi remained calm, helpful, and supportive to the team throughout the process. Robin Vick echoes similar sentiment,

“She has a great can do attitude. She welcomes any challenge, proving to be very diligent in her efforts to complete any task assigned.”

An internal issue formed causing corporate cash distribution to the divisions to take a long amount of time. This is important to our paying customers and a deciding factor for the credit managers of customer accounts. Brandi saw the opportunity to fix this when she joined Phillips Corporation and jumped on the opportunity. By adjusting her schedule and working from home earlier in the morning, Brandi is able to get the cash out to the divisions by 8 am, compared to the previous noon or later time frame. Everyone is appreciative of her schedule change and quick thinking to solve this issue. Paul Young noticed some unique habits about Brandi from their desks being close together for so long.

“I can tell when she’s about to have a breakthrough when she asks me for some very specific information in a very specific format. She knows what she wants and how it will help her solve her problem. She has turned her unknown unknowns into known unknowns, you might say.”

Brandi is in the learning mode all of the time which is evident by her ability to overcome different types of roadblocks, whether they are her own or someone else’s obstacles. Different types of roadblocks require different sets of tools to solve them. Brandi is very knowledgeable on effective ways to use AX, Atlas, Excel, analysis, and reporting. If you have a question she can’t answer, she’ll know who can. Robin remembers when Brandi made a visit to the Colfax office to learn how the process for billing works,

“She visited to learn a process outside her normal duties. Gaining a greater understanding of how the billing process affects Inventory, Back Log & Sales Reporting and how it relates to back end reporting with corporate accounting.”

Brandi was even able to bill several machines herself during her visit! Her ability to ask effective questions helps propel her forward in her learning mode and through her roadblocks. Kelley Cressman also recalls when Brandi didn’t want to miss a learning moment,

“When I shared with her that I’d be having regular meetings with Sienna to develop a thorough understanding of our financial statements, she immediately asked if she could be involved because “she can always learn more”.”

As one of the first people who is always willing to help, Brandi is evidently a great Brand Ambassador. Her lively disposition combined with her learning mode mindset is a great combination to tackle any obstacles coming her way. She is currently studying for her Certified Internal Auditor exam which will be invaluable for Phillips.

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