Brand Ambassador – Steve Link

Steve Link is a passionate, dedicated man driven to achieve the outstanding and to encourage the best work possible in himself and others. He’s a team player who focuses not only on his success but on the success of all those around him. Steve is a strategic and innovative thinker – he uses his immense machine tool knowledge to create and deliver the best services and products to all of Phillips’ customers.

Brooks Barwick, former President of the Phillips Commercial Division, agrees that Steve’s contributions at Phillips are substantial. “Steve has designed and implemented our ‘Performance Evaluation Program.’ This program is designed to give our customers tremendous value in the maintenance, performance and productivity of their machine tool investment. This program will generate substantial revenue. The long term potential of the program is tremendous for both our customers and our business.” And Steve’s repertoire for legendary customer service is something to boast about as well. Brooks writes, “I have heard more positive comments from our OKK customers relative to OKK service than I have ever received considering the ratio of installed OKK machines to our total business. Steve Link is responsible for many of our Net Promoters.”

His team is equally impressed with Steve’s demeanor and commitment. Geoff Neely, Regional Product Manager for the Engineer Products Division, says “Steve’s passion for the industry and Phillips Corporation and his support of the Engineered Products Division is unparalleled. Along with having a strong mechanical background, Steve holds very high leadership standards for the service and sales teams, while striving to achieve the optimal customer experience. He also holds very high ethical values in both his work and personal life, for which he sets the bar for his colleagues.  Steve’s twenty-six years of marriage to his wife Suzette and his proud fathering of four beautiful children speak volumes about Steve’s integrity and his commitment to be supportive.”

Steve is most passionate about his family, his work, his country, and his firearms. He uses his military background to provide continued support in the security field. According to Engineered Products Service Engineer, David Farrell, “Away from work Steve gives the same 110% to whatever he is doing as he does at work. Steve is a certified SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) Officer. Utilizing his skills from the military and his law enforcement training, Steve teaches gun safety classes and gives the same level of dedication to all of his students that he gives his job every day. He is also a part of the security detail at the church he attends. Steve and his wife Suzette have four wonderful children. Family is very important to Steve. They all enjoy trips to the beach in the summertime. They have raised their children with the same mindset that Steve shows everyday.”

There’s no question that Steve Link is a man of integrity, focused on hard work and long term success. He puts his all into his work, knowing that every decision he makes will impact the outcome.  He knows the machines he works with inside and out and his number one commitment is always to his customer. Steve has gained the loyalty of his team and built lasting relationships with his colleagues, customers, manufacturers, and members of the community. He is a true Phillips Brand Ambassador.

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  1. Joanne McCann says:

    How awesome you are. Can’t wait tell you travel up here again. This time we will have to treat you. Congratulations very well deserved.

  2. Gary Bredael says:

    Congratulations Steve!

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