Brand Ambassador – Shannon Stanley

What does Shannon have to say about being a Brand Ambassador?
“To me, being a Brand Ambassador means always being ready to take on new challenges, creating better ways of accomplishing goals, and doing it all with a smile.”

You may not know that Shannon is also a rock star outside of work! She loves to spend time with her husband, Jim, and her daughter, Miranda and they recently enjoyed a Hawaiian vacation at the Disney Aulani Resort together where they got to relax and meet the main mouse himself. As Disney enthusiasts, they love to visit Disneyland when they can. Shannon is obsessed with all aspects of Disney from the movies to the rides at the parks. Her nights are often spent practicing or performing with her band where she is the lead singer. Remedy is a four person multi-genre  group that includes her husband. Her band has started to become quite popular on Facebook and is definitely worth a look ( Shannon embodies a variety of wonderful traits, as identified by her fellow partners, which makes her so worthy of being a Phillips Brand Ambassador.

Shannon Stanley is described by her fellow Heager partners as confident and kind with a cheery disposition. The people that work with her know that she is always willing to lend a helping hand. Jessica Buel sums up Shannon’s characteristics nicely,

“Her reliability to execute a request or project on time or ahead of time, her product knowledge and experience to teach others, and  providing excellent customer service, as well as her great personality and kindness, is what makes her a great role model.”

Jeannet Trott says,

“Shannon has in record time mastered all what she needs to know about the AX database to do her job. And not only for Haeger Oakdale, but for all 3 facilities.”

Shannon is known for going above and beyond for her fellow partners and volunteers without hesitation for several tasks. Jeannet recalls a time when they were short staffed in the shipping department,

“We asked if Shannon would mind also pitching in with pulling parts for shipping, packaging, handling the shipping documents, etc. Without hesitation and always with a smile on her face she helps out on the floor daily. – And even says with her positive attitude, ‘Hey its kind of nice to do something else and a change up in my day.'”

Around the office, Shannon is known as an expert with Excel. She designed her own templates so that paperwork for China and other international locations takes less time. Rick Costa states,

“Shannon is always thinking out of the box when it comes to coming up with better systems and better ways of doing everyday tasks.”

This out of the box thinking has lead to Shannon tackling a task that was initially out of her team’s control. When the new UPS computer system went down for shipping, she immediately contacted UPS to ask for a time frame when it would be back up and running. When they replied that it would take several hours, Shannon jumped in to action on her computer and started doing the shipping labels manually. While Justin packaged up the orders, Shannon was filling out the international papers and printing the shipping labels. Rick comments,

“You should have seen it. It was like watching relay race paperwork and labels going back and forth.”

Needless to say, Shannon’s superhero-like quick thinking and hard work helped save the day as they got every order out the door that day.

Although Shannon changed positions from Inside Sales Team Lead to Haeger’s System Administrator, she continually shares her knowledge and guidance with the inside sales team.

“Her service to the Haeger Company has been and continues to be so valuable,”

Jeannet says. Shannon paves the way for others as she has created numerous templates and tools to improve various processes and they are created with great care and accuracy. Shannon truly defines the essence of a Brand Ambassador and we are proud to recognize her great accomplishments!

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4 Responses to Brand Ambassador – Shannon Stanley

  1. Jeannet Trott says:

    You rock Shannon,
    I was so excited to present to you today and you are so very deserving.

    Have a great time at Disneyland.

  2. Michael J. Splaine says:

    I have known Shannon for many years…anytime I needed something done ASAP she always came through for me. Shannon is and has always been a dear friend…!

  3. Cheney.Chen says:

    Hi Shannon,
    It is so great to hear that you got the BA because I have expected you to be a BA for a long time. You always support me in AX and BOM setting / adding item numbers or adjusting data while something wrong.
    Nice holiday and Happy New Year to you and your family as well.

  4. Gary Bredael says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved.

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