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Linda Bos / Phillips CorporationLinda Bos is an accounting all star. According to her team leader, Haeger Accounting Manager Kate Shamis, she has smashed every single one of her A/R goals since Kate has had the pleasure of working with her (over a year!). “She’s a fierce collector. A very sweet, genuine, and caring woman who is absolutely full of integrity. We call her Mama Linda,” Kate gushed when asked about Linda, “She has an excellent work ethic. If we were in the hunger games, I’d want her on my team.”  So it should come as no surprise that Linda is a role model for other Phillips partners – a bonafide Brand Ambassador.

Linda is currently working on two breakthrough performance goals. 1. Utilize AMEX/Concur and Bill Pay to manage and pay Haeger Accounts Payable. 2. “Shadow Devin” in order to learn and expand my knowledge of Corporate AP and learn from Devin in regards to being exposed to new ideas and work methods using AX, Bank of America bill pay, Concur, AMEX, etc.” She will work closely with Staff Accountant Devin Rose, whose breakthrough objective is to “Improve the Accounts Payable process by automating recurring vendor payments (when possible) and implementing digital payment standards for vendors.  This will create efficiency by allowing payments to be approved digitally and transmitted immediately, removing the time and uncertainty of the postal system.” Kate has no doubt that Linda will be able to accomplish her breakthrough goals, especially working together as a team.

Continuous improvement, one of the greatest measures of a Phillips Linda Bos / Phillips CorporationBrand Ambassador, shows the progress of each partner in their role and the contributions they make to their own success, the success of their team, and the success of our organization.  Linda’s colleague Kelly Olson discusses Linda’s commitment to growth, “Linda is continuously improving on collecting AR. She often works closely with Inside Sales to make sure she has all corrected information and contacts for all accounts. She involves herself in all backlog meetings to ensure she has corrected ship dates and information in order to help her anticipate payment.  She is constantly finding little ways like this to improve her performance.

Controller Joel Baker speaks of Linda’s many accomplishments founded on teamwork, relationships building, and engagement, “Working with her local team members and the Haeger Accounting Manager, communication is better, inventory accuracy is greatly improved, payments are only made when goods have been accepted, and the intercompany balances are becoming more closely reconciled.

Haeger Operations Manager Jeannet Trott who works closely with Linda in California agrees that Linda’s accomplishments are extraordinary, “Linda accomplished so much and is always in the learning mode. But if I have to choose the biggest one I think this one deserves mention: Linda has had “reducing AR over 60” as her breakthrough and has managed to reduce it from 200K in 2013 to 100K in 2015. This is a 100K reduction. In addition she has been part of the team effort in reducing the AR with Haeger Shanghai as well. She has an incredible knack for getting results when it comes to the delicate job of collecting money from our customers. I don’t know anyone who can do it better than you – Awesome job, Linda.

But Jeannet, not just a colleague but a friend has so much more to say about Linda, “She has the inside scoop on everyone and everything and knows everyone in town — literally. Every car that goes by, she knows who that is, what they do and how they are related to someone. She is Haeger’s Mama Linda, making sure that everyone is ok and is concerned for everyone at all times. Linda is a walking encyclopedia of social information. Linda is loving, caring, smiling, engaged, hardworking, and dedicated.” Linda’s dedication carries over into her everyday life – one she spends on a farm in California where she raises calves. She spends every Sunday at Church and is always taking care of her neighbors.  Linda is the proud mother of three sons and the even prouder grandmother of a grandson born this past September. Whatever she’s doing, she loves being surrounded by family, supporting them in all of their endeavors.

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  1. Mike J. Splaine says:

    Mz. B.O.S….Is one of my favorites….

  2. Congratulations.

  3. Gary Bredael says:

    Congratulations Linda!

  4. Bill Withers says:

    Always great to work with you, Linda. The recognition is well deserved.

  5. K Sathishkumar says:

    Congratulations Linda

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