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mahoney-kerstinKerstin Walz, Operations Manager of Phillips Federal Division, sets the bar high. She is an exceptional person with an exceptional work ethic. Always committed to the goal, Kerstin goes above and beyond to engage partners, build relationships, utilize the best available resources to solve a problem or improve a method, and is consistently expanding on each previous success. She’s driven and committed. She’s a genuine Phillips Brand Ambassador.

Her current breakthrough is focused on reorganizing and leading the different departments of the Federal Division to function as ONE highly successful Customer Service Team. No one doubts she’ll accomplish any goal she sets her mind to.

Her team leader and President of Phillips Federal Division, Ron Schulze, writes, “I have had the pleasure of working with Kerstin and clearly she brings a level of professionalism and ability to get things done correctly the first time with little or no direction. She can be counted on and has made great improvements to the team and our operations… She works well with her people and holds them accountable while being a coach and mentor.”

Kerstin Walz / Phillips CorporationColleague John Harrison, Federal Division Sales Manager, agrees, “Kerstin has brought great organization into the Operations of Federal. In a short period of time, she has worked with Account Managers and IT to create new forms, moved forward digital project management, and is holding other departments accountable to keep up with her rapid improvement.

Kerstin is a strong leader, not just at Phillips, but also for her family. She has two wonderful sons – Alex and Andrew – and is expecting her first grandchild in the Spring. Kerstin is so excited that she’s already purchased quite a few things to spoil the baby, who won’t be joining us until April!

Kerstin is a world-traveler. She was born in the small town of Flensburg, Germany – so far North that it borders Denmark. In her early 20s, Kerstin moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to explore the world beyond the small German town in which she was raised. She still visits Germany every year to spend cherished time with family in the Bonn area and enjoys a traditional German breakfast on the weekends – dense breads, jams, kase (cheese), sliced meats and lieberwurst. Kerstin Walz / Phillips Corporation

Her husband Mark describes Kerstin as a “fantastic cook,” saying, “I try to compete with her but she has great instincts as to how to put together a unique and tasty meal.” Mark shared the inside scoop on Kerstin’s famous red cabbage (brought to many a company potluck) as well. “She adds pears and goose fat and cooks the red cabbage for several hours.” He says it’s also his favorite.

When she’s not managing Federal Operations, Kerstin can be found at M&T Stadium in Baltimore. She is an avid Ravens fan and can be seen wearing her purple jersey around the office on Fridays.

When she first met Mark, he recalls her understanding of football was quite technical, “there are a bunch of guys who chase a ball and fall down a lot.” But Mark’s fandom quickly rubbed off on her and Kerstin soon became a passionate Ravens fan and season ticket holder. The family has a “killer tailgate setup” and tries to make it to every home game. Her favorite player, kicker Jason Tucker, is the best in the league. Tucker currently holds the NFL records for longest field goal in a domed stadium, first NFL kicker to kick a field goal in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s in the same game, AND first NFL kicker to kick three 50+ yard field goals in one half. Kerstin knows quality when she sees it.


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  1. Gary Bredael says:

    Congratulations Kerstin! Well deserved.

  2. Congratulations Kerstin! You are so deserving of this! I am so happy for you!

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    Congratulations, Kerstin! Yay!


    Congratulations Suberb

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    Congratulations. Lucky Santa!!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations Kerstin Walz

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    Congrats Kerstin! You are great to work with and have great leadership qualities!

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