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16406600_1746116568747428_5928322459671445329_n Keith’s COT, The A Team, successfully “escaped” a breakout room in less than 45 minutes during a team building night in Alabama.

The Phillips brand goal is to be the best resource in manufacturing technology, providing legendary value to our customers. So, it’s no wonder Keith Race is a Phillips Brand Ambassador.

Keith’s team leader, Service Manager Sam Jones, says “Keith has become a tech that customers ask for by name. Jerry Davenport, one of our best customers in Tennessee, was at a recent demo day event. When leaving the event, Jerry informed me he needed service to his Haas machines. He said he would appreciate it if we could send Keith. Keith was sent in to Jerry’s shop and took care of their machine issues. Without a dedication to continuous improvement in his performance, Keith would not be able to have this kind of customer confidence. This is the kind of relationship that Keith has built with our customers over the years and a reason we continue to sell more machines. Keith doesn’t allow roadblocks such as learning new options and new software on the machines prevent him from providing the customer with the answers to their questions.

Fellow Service Engineer, Russell Scott, shares a similar view about Keith’s people skills and commitment to customers. “Keith is the type person that doesn’t meet a stranger and with this ability he can calm upset customers down and make them happy before he is done. Keith talks to the customer not only in a professional manner but in a friendly manner. He gets to know the customer as well as their families. He always keeps the customer’s interest in mind and strives to do the job as quickly as possible.  He stands behind his work and the customers know that he will stand by his words to them.

The Alabama team’s words about Keith’s ability to provide legendary service – both personable and technical – to his customers is a testament both to his character and his skills.
Race, Keith

Keith loves history, especially the history of his home state of Alabama. Keith makes a point to visit and to explore the many places that makes our state the wonderful place we call home. He is always asking me if I have heard of a certain place and about the history of what makes it unique. He regularly watches the show Absolutely Alabama, which highlights people, places, and things that make the state of Alabama unique and special. The host, Fred Hunter, visits different institutions and establishments in the state of Alabama, featuring anything from a custom wedding gown maker to the students of Marion Military Institute. While Keith was working in Montgomery, Alabama he had the opportunity to visit one of the restaurants featured on the show – this little hole in the wall called Chris’ Famous Hot Dog. The hot dog place is Montgomery’s oldest family owned restaurant.  Chris’ lists many of the famous patrons that have stopped in to try their world famous hot dogs, which includes former U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (“who would frequently ask for a box of the world famous hot dogs as his train stopped in Montgomery’s Union Station”), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and even Elvis Presley. Sam Jones says, “I believe it lived up to his expectations as he enjoyed more than just a hot dog but a part of our history that is Absolutely Alabama!” Sam adds, “Keith is also interested in guns (particularly likes the classic looks), camping (he just purchased a new camper), and taking his family to different places they have never been.”

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  1. Amy Yasneski says:

    Great story and great Parnter! Glad you are part of Phillips Keith!

  2. CHETAN JANI says:

    Great, Congratulations Keith

  3. Beth Jackson says:

    Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you and I am proud you are my brother!!!

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