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Guy Romano / Phillips CorporationGuy Romano has worked for Phillips for almost 3 decades. During that time, he has exemplified the qualities of a Phillips Brand Ambassador time and time again. Guy has consistently improved his performance, overcome roadblocks, accomplished greater feats, engaged and supported his fellow partners, utilized the tools around him and built trusted relationships,  all while continually providing legendary customer service. He has received extensive praise from his colleagues, as well as our valued vendors and customers.

When Guy sets his mind to a task, he accomplishes it with professionalism and passion. He was responsible for reducing inventory from over $600,000 to less than $100,000 at our HFO in the Pennsylvania. To accomplish this, he researched old vendors, contacted them to come in and buy what the company had in inventory and got the total down within 6 months.  Guy has also created a 30+ page reference guide for Haas parts, compiling over 20 years worth of knowledge and experience, and keeping the guide constantly updated with new additions. Partner Fred Wagner calls the reference guide “exceptional and a great benefit to our service team when trying to locate part numbers, especially for older machines.”

Guy’s performance is reflected in the relationships he’s built with everyone around him. Remarks about his character and dedication to his work are always glowing.

Guy’s Team Leader and Service Manager, Mark Schankweiler, describes Guy’s deep relationships with customers, vendors, and our own partners, “Guy has developed unique and trusted relationships with every vendor he deals with.  His quick, accurate responses have put him at the top of everyone’s request list when they call.  He has always been well respected by everyone at Haas Automation as far back as I remember in the 1990’s.  His advice was sought out by Haas when preparing for consignment vans and what to carry on the vans. Tooling reps have a trusted relationship with guy.  His honest, no nonsense approach to every situation has earned their respect. Learning mode, take one look at his “Haas Parts notes” he has compiled over the last twenty years and you will know what he has been doing.  He has given a copy of his notes to every partner that has started with this organization and allowed them to use his knowledge to grow.  Partners that have visited from our Indian division have all been given access to Guy’s 20 years of work. Guy Romano has truly been an Ambassador of what Phillips Corporation represents to our Customer, Vendors and most importantly, our Partners.

One customer, with more than a dozen Haas machines, said “When I call Guy Romano for parts, Guy is truly that rare person that loves his job an is very good at it. He knows your company and the equipment you have. He will fill in the blanks as you give him a machine number or try to describe a part you need. He remembers changes in part numbers as well as problems others have had that could assist you in repairing your machine. Guy gives you that sincere feeling that getting your equipment up and running is as important to him as it is to you. If you ask anyone about Guy, they will tell you he is an outstanding person to work with and is a great addition to the best distributor and service center that Haas has to offer.”

Partner Herb Sheppard adds, “Guy personifies consistency of performance and demeanor. Working with all of the various personalities at our company he must have truly exemplary interpersonal skills as I’ve never heard any individual criticize or question Guy or his performance, and I mean never! It should be obvious that he is truly one of the most likable people at Phillip and all of his co-workers will attest to this.

And when he’s not busy being a role model of the company – managing parts for customers, coordinating inventory, handling shipping and receiving and his many other objectives that keep things running smoothly for Phillips – Guy is passionate about music and comic books.

Guy Romano / Phillips Corporation
Guy Romano / Phillips Corporation

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  1. Jopu Zachariah says:

    Hello Guy,
    Congratulations on this honour. It is inspiring to read about your work and especially since it is your peers and customers who are praising your good work, it is indeed high honour.
    Being a fellow parts and service guy here in India, I can imagine and empathize with what you go through each day and to come out every day with as much enthusiasm as the previous 3 decades, that is very inspiring to me.
    Wishing you many more years of satisfying Phillips customers.
    Thank you.

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