Brand Ambassador – Dorina Sharma

Anyone who knows Dorina Sharma knows that she has an adventurous heart. She will take on any challenge and face any roadblock with determination, whether at work or at home.

Dorina has two children, Karan and Palash. They celebrate holidays together and enjoy eating family dinners. She absolutely loves to cook delicious meals to share and is always up for trying a new recipe.

Besides cooking, Dorina loves to spend time in nature. Her personal life purpose is, “Miles and Miles to go before I sleep”. As an adventure seeker, Dorina loves to fill her life with new activities, sights, and people. She enjoys traveling anywhere from the Himalayas to the United States and wherever she may end up. She always carries a light of kindness and joy as she meets new people and experiences new places. In 2015, she took on the Kedarkantha mountain in which at the peak it is 12,500 ft elevation. This part of the Himalayan Mountain range is known to be one of the best winter treks and of course, has a stunning view as seen in the photo here. More recently in 2017, she went on a trek of Tung Fort which is in Pune.

When she’s not globetrotting the world, she’s making strides as a member of the Community Exceleration Team at Phillips Machine Tools India. Rakesh Verma sums up her spirit at work simply,

“She’ll never turn away when she can help.”

Being a part of the CE! Team allows Dorina to talk to most if not all Phillips Partners while she works on her various tasks. Rupesh Ranjan reflects on how Dorina’s personality aids others:

“The best part about Dorina’s nature is that all employees feel free to confide in her about any problems they face while executing their duties. Dorina goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable working in the organization and helps without any hesitation even though it may not be her responsibility to sort out the problem. She helps us to be accountable.”

Dorina is not only dedicated to the Partners of Phillips, but also being the best version of herself that she can be. She is known to work extra hours to get through a roadblock or to learn new systems and processes. Dorina has excelled at helping her fellow Partners and customers. Through her perseverance through obstacles and her continual learning mode mindset, we are honored to feature Dorina Sharma as a Brand Ambassador.










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