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cheney ChenCheney Chen, Purchasing Manager at Haeger Shanghai, is compassionate, dedicated, and motivated by a continued desire to learn as much as she can. She embodies all of the characteristics of a Phillips Brand Ambassador – going above and beyond to improve relationships, processes, and performance. Cheney was born in the Shanxi province in Northwest China. Starting in 2008, Cheney spent 1.5 years studying English at the prestigious Shanghai International Studies University. Then, she got the chance to join Haeger Shanghai in 2013. She has worked at Haeger for more than 3 years during which time she has developed unique and trusted relationships with partners, vendors, and customers.

Cheney’s Team Leader, Eva Yang, explains the way in which Cheney contributes, “Cheney works closely with the quality manager/production manager and inside/outside sales team.  She also works closely with partners in the workshop to do buy-off for every machine before it is shipped out. Cheney communicates with partners and encourages them, providing the best ideas to resolve issues.  For example, by talking with an assembly guy in the workshop, she found some quality issues inside the frames which the quality manager had not yet found. Then she talked to the vendor and asked them to come to Haeger Shanghai so they could solve the issues together.   Even though Cheney is not responsible for managing the vendor’s suppliers she still made a quality impact to them by improving the quality awareness with the quality manager. This is an example of legendary customer value for our customers due to exceeding customer expectations.”

Cheney’s yearning for exploration, learning, and helping is incredibly apparent in her personal life as well. She joined a civil organization named Hupao Longxing in Shanghai because she likes to hike around. In fact, the organization holds activities once a week or more. Sometimes they climb hills with alpenstock or walk through the bamboo forests in Wuxi or Changzhou city nearby Shanghai and they take a lot of pictures for the whole team as well as for each person during the trip. They take care of children and elders while they walk together as a team no matter how far the destination will be or how late the time is. They would like to go together to archive the goal they set at the beginning of each activity. I guess that is why Cheney likes this organization so much. Cheney is passionate about taking on the responsibility of helping others if she gets the chance. The Hupao Longxing also arrange events such as accompanying the blind to go shopping or visiting hospitals when they are in need. Cheney also enjoys reading books and learning new things. She is currently taking a one-year psychology course that she attends every Sunday. She is an incredibly kind and curious person.

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    Congratulations Chenny !! Wish you achieve MORE

    May your tribe Increase in Phillips

  2. Gary Bredael says:

    Congratulations Cheney!

  3. Jeannet Trott says:

    We all know how fabulous you are here at Haeger Oakdale.
    We could not do what we do without you.
    You are awesome!!!

  4. Joanne McCann says:

    Congratulations impressive story.

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