Brand Ambassador – Frank Capaldi

Frank Capaldi You really could say that Frank Calpadi is a pioneer of being a Brand Ambassador. He was in the first group of Partners to receive this recognition when the program started. Still to this day, Frank is living proof of what a Brand Ambassador is built like.

His Team Leader, Bill Zimmerman, could not say enough great things about him:

Frank Capaldi’s territory is one of the largest territories in the Lance market. He has a large geographic area and high number of accounts to handle. It is a formidable task to cover his territory on a consistent basis. Frank is very committed to doing what it takes to cover his territory and providing his customers with legendary customer value. I see him replying to his internal and external customers at any hour of the day, 7 days a week. In other words doing what it takes whenever it needs to be done. His work ethic is second to none. One of his highest priorities is to never, and I mean never, be late for an appointment! He views his customer’s time as important as his time and making anyone wait is just not an option. His diligence and dedication to performing his job at the highest level is commendable.

Frank Capaldi

Frank with his wife Sue, son Nick, and daughter Jessica

Frank is very passionate and competitive in regards to his sales performance. He is driven to have the best sales results, every year. He is not satisfied unless he is the number 1 Sales Engineer in sales margin and market share. Frank’s sales numbers show this year in and year out.

In FY 2015 he was once again the number one salesman in regards to both Haas and non-Haas margin. His FY 2015 margin is the highest amount generated to date in the Lance Company. Frank has been consistently in the top bracket of sales over the years.

The other salesman in the Lance organization look to Frank as a source of product and sales knowledge. He is quick to give advice and lend support. He also knows he doesn’t have all the answers. He also communicates with the other salesman when he needs some guidance or insight into specific sales situations. He is a team player!

Frank Capaldi

Not only can his Team Leader and fellow Partners praise Frank’s work ethic and drive, even his wife Sue expressed how much he is dedicated to Phillips Corporation. When we asked Sue what are some interests that Frank has, her response was “he’s a workaholic”. Sue went on to express that he truly loves what he does and his drive does not ever stop for his career and well-being of his customers. He is always educating himself, even in his spare time and ensuring he is providing legendary customer service no matter the time of day. Some ways that Frank loves to spend any spare time is working on his farm with his horses or sinking his toes in the sand on a beach. Frank is a proud father of his two children Nick & Jessica and his four legged child Shady. Shady is Frank’s dog but also his best friend that is always by his side.

Frank may have become a Brand Ambassador, before the program is what it is today, but there is not a doubt that he has demonstrated being a Brand Ambassador is his way of life and he could not function in any other way!

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  1. Gordon Eargle says:

    Congratulations Frank! Glad to see you recognized and as always, well deserved.

  2. Congrats Frank for being awarded Brand Ambassador!!

  3. Naveen Sharma says:

    Many Many congratulations Mr. Frank Calpadi for Brand Ambassador Trophy. Enjoy.

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