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Bobby Keithley - MachineBobby from day one has always exceeded everyone’s expectations. Without hesitation Bobby has made it his mission to learn all that he can about Haas Automation and their machine tools that he is working on.” Tim McClanahan, Bobby’s first Team Leader at Phillips Corporation, couldn’t have said it any better. Bobby is an exemplary Brand Ambassador and an exemplary human being. He has exceeded all of his goals and earned the admiration of his Phillips partners through hard work, dedication, and kindness.

Bobby received his Brand Ambassador award as a Haas Certified Service Technician for the Federal Division of Phillips Corporation and has recently become an  Account Manager. His new Team Leader, John Harrison, expressed the exact same  sentiments as Tim. “Bobby Keithley is always seeking to improve. In the few years that Bobby has been with Federal, he has outperformed all of his goals.  He became a certified tech is a very short time, with a near perfect score.  He became “trainer certified” by Haas and assumed the role of senior technician. He is respected by his peers and customers.   He is a Brand Ambassador in all regards. Now, with little experience, but a lot of heart, Bobby is learning how to become the best Account Manager ever.  We talk early in the morning and late at night.  He is always asking questions and looking for ways to improve. This new challenge for Bobby will likely be the most difficult learning experience he will face, but I am confident that he will excel, as his mentality and demeanor won’t allow him to fail.

Not only does Bobby always set challenging goals for himself and exceed them through constant learning and impressive efforts, he also dedicates his time and efforts to providing legendary customer service and helping his partners thrive. Bobby is so dedicated to his customers that Alliant Techsystems reached out to thank his team for the outstanding service Bobby provided on a difficult issue, “Bobby answered my call while he was on vacation and was more than willing to help me out. He also called me back later that day out of curiosity to see if we identified the problem and that means a lot to me and I can’t stress enough how I appreciate the OVER THE TOP service Phillips provides.”

Bobby Keithley BA AwardHis partners find the same unwavering, high quality support. In order to benefit new service techs, Bobby came up with and developed an entire training program called T.E.S.T. Kevin Blevins, another of Bobby’s former Team Leaders elaborates, “Prior to becoming a Haas certified trainer, he had a training idea he calls T.E.S.T. I have been monitoring how he is now applying this with the training of Justin Wold with good results. As a living, adaptable document it can grow into the standard for training all of our new guys.” Tim McClanahan adds, “Bobby wanted to do this for new hires because he felt that his recent personal experience of getting certified would help guide him in making a difference for our new hires. So far, Bobby has created several weeks worth of research and testing material for new hires to follow and develop their technical Haas skills.

During his free time, Bobby is an avid golfer and enthusiastic hunter. He has four children whom he adores – three boys and one girl.

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4 Responses to Brand Ambassador – Bobby Keithley

  1. Connie Leppert says:

    Bobby has set the bar high, his constant efforts in improving the process and training others speaks volumes.
    He is certainly a roll model.

  2. Congratulations Bobby for your great success.

  3. John Murray says:

    Way to go, Bobby!! Congratulations on becoming a Brand Embassador, the first time I met you I felt welcome in the company. That wide open spirit and determination is evident in everything you do. I’m glad to have you as a team member and look forward to following in your footsteps toward Brand Embassador status myself.

  4. Bill Withers says:

    Congratulations, Bobby! Well deserved!

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