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Atul Gadekar,  Sales-Assistant Manager at HFO Pune, is dedicated to his fellow partners, customers, and work. To become a Brand Ambassador one must actively show continuous improvement with great accomplishments along the way. A Brand Ambassador must engage partners, build trusting relationships, and be an overall role model of the Phillips’ culture.  Everyday Atul finds a way to improve from the previous day.  Atul is a prime example of the culture we promote at Phillips through his strong motivation and hardworking mentality. Atul’s career started by graduating with a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications and starting to work at various maintenance and service engineer roles.

Atul always go the extra step for the customers. Rupesh Ranjan remembers a time when Atul went above and beyond, “Atul had a maintenance and machine tool background when he started, but didn’t have much exposure on Turning, HMC, and Rotary Products. After joining us he improved his knowledge of the Haas product line to the extent of promoting Haas products to different customer segments in his territory. He improved product knowledge on Haas products that help him to overcome competitor roadblocks and as a result, he secured an order from Alfa Laval against Mazak.” It is a common occurrence to hear stories about Atul adjusting situations to the customer’s needs. Satyawan Rawat remembers when Atul realized a customer was doing a cross comparison on competitor machines and took action. “Atul collected all the competitors’ information and made a comparison sheet of all the technical specs with help from the service and application team and gave a presentation to the customer” said Satyawan. After the presentation, Atul secured a machine order from this customer.

Atul’s great accomplishments stem from his great traits. Satyawan Rawat describes Atul as having, “a very hard working personality”. Atul is the first person to help a customer resolve any issues. When Kalyani Technoforge was not happy with their turning center, Atul coordinated with the service team to visit and provide machine checkups and reconditioning until the customer was fully satisfied. This has turned into a great customer relationship with Kalyani Technoforge and has resulted in new machine orders. Srinivasa Prasanna states, “Mr. Atul Gadekar has now become one of the best salesman for Haas Machines in India”. Atul has successfully taken over his territory in India. Rupesh Ranjan recalls when Atul made a breakthrough, “Wika Instruments we were trying to get a breakthrough for a couple of years where PMT Machines have had a strong presence with battery of turning machines installed, Atul was in continuous follow up with Wika and finally made a breakthrough for Haas with his first order of 3 ST-20SS machines against PMT Machines. He started following up very closely with existing Haas customers and has maintained good relationships with customers like Kalyani Technoforge, Integrated Equipment, Phoenix Mechano, AES Seals, etc. which in return gave us repeat orders.” Through Atul’s perseverance and flexibility he has quadrupled his number of orders in the span of two years.

Atul doesn’t just go above and beyond for his customers, but also his partners. His fellow partners say that he is always ready and willing to help out in whatever way he can. Srinivasa adds, “He always puts sincere efforts and attention towards projects.” Atul truly knows how to maximize resources in order to achieve the best results. His work accomplishments are commendable and are shown through his recent achievement of receiving the Best Performer Award for VF2i and VF4i sales. Ramkripal Yadav comments on this achievement, “He works with confidence, courage, ambition, and ready to take on any challenge.”

Outside of work Atul is busy with his 11 and 14 year old sons. They love football, kickboxing, and have both earned black belts in karate. When he has free time, Atul likes to tap in to his Professional Cartoonist abilities and draw as a stress reliever. His creativity ranges from his artwork to problem solving at work with his customers. Atul was born and raised in Pune as part of a  Maharashtrian Indian family following traditional India culture. Values like courage, perseverance, and commitment were instilled in Atul from a young age. Atul’s family unit has adopted a 4 year-old girl who was affected by the Killari Maharashtra Earthquake. They plan to provide a life of great education and opportunity for her. He is a man of ambition, accountability, and patience at work and at home.







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  1. Bill Withers says:

    Atul: What a wonderful write-up. Great to have you as an important part of the Phillips team. Thank you!

  2. Dear Atul

    Heartily congratulations on this achievement. You are fighter on all aspects which give you the best results. You are one of the soldiers who never give up. We are fortunate enough to have in our team. We are sure that you will reach all mile stones set by organization confidently.

  3. Congratulations Atul SIr !!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations!! Atul.

  5. Dear Atul

    Your success and personal life activities are truly Inspiring.

    Congratulations for your achievement and Wish you more Success and Satisfaction

  6. makarand kulkarni says:

    Atul … congratulations its reward of your hard and smart work , keep it up. i wish you all the best and success in future

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