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Andy YangWhen it comes to Andy Yang’s work for Haeger, he’s worn many hats – committing to excel and grow in each role – a quality quintessential to a Brand Ambassador. Andy has held many positions from service to marketing, working from the ground up for continuous improvement in all that he does. Andy began his work at Haeger as an assembler before taking on varied and greater responsibilities – arranging and participating in exhibitions, managing demo trucks, providing sales and service support, developing marketing strategies, and leading business development efforts.

Andy’s Team Leader and General Manager of Haeger China, Eva Yang explains some of Andy’s many accomplishments, “Andy learned by himself and by asking questions became the maintenance professional of Haeger 516plus, 618plus and 824plus machines, and has the PO of becoming the expert of OT/WT high-end machine maintenance. He studied carefully, drafted and issued Haeger China After-sales Service Policy, trained all service engineers on service consciousness, quick response, and responsible spirit. He evaluated and successfully arranged and participated in several exhibitions, provided the best customer experience from invitation through after show follow up with the highest exhibition standards, generated more than 1000 valuable leads and intensively promoted Haeger products and brand, and strongly supported the sales. Now he is audacious enough to take on the big challenges of becoming the most efficient social media promoter and developing three Northeast provinces’ direct sales.”

According to Wouter Kleizen, Haeger President, “All of these accomplishments were done with minimum training, resources and expenses – made and executed to a superb level. With limited resources and an ever decreasing budget, Andy has further improved representation of the Haeger brand.”

Eva also expressed Andy’s dedication to improvement, hisHaeger demonstration - Andy Yang-3 partners, and his customers, “He keeps learning and improving, while also helping his team partners find better ways to work and live. Andy keeps his mobile phone on 24 hours 7 days, he picks up the phone and provides the most optimal solution at once or goes to a customer’s site as soon as possible, whether in the evening or during the weekend. He is an exceptional model of legendary customer service.”

Andy has worked not only to improve his technical, presentational, and managerial skills but also on his personal and communication skills. Andy’s efforts towards learning English have been admirable. Wouter says, “Andy took English courses at his own expense for years.” He explained that Andy knew absolutely no English when he began working at Haeger and now, through self-study, he can understand English and effectively use myCDT to track his POs and breakthroughs, always striving to take on greater challenges.

Andy has overcome personal communication and market economic barriers to excel as a role model and teacher to his fellow partners, consistently overcoming greater challenges to perform his roles admirably in the Haeger and Phillips names. Andy truly exemplifies the commendable qualities required of a Brand Ambassador.

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