Brand Ambassador – Tarannum Gadkari

Tarannum GadkariWhat contribution of the Phillips culture led you to become a brand ambassador?

“All the consistency which needed to execute my job role and support of my team leader and entire service team, the faith which partners had in me and they gave all the freedom to work with my skill and potential. It was ability to respond to the change. I have always applied adapt, overcome and improvise theory which really worked for me. Most importantly I believed in my work and skill.”

Tarannum’s Journey to Becoming a Phillips Brand Ambassador:

When Tarranum joined the company in 2008, she was responsible for reporting on HFO Pune and resources were limited. Today, she has used those resources and self-driven initiatives to morph India operations into a well-developed organization. Tarranum is responsible for a majority of India HFO’s service performance reports, coordination with principals related to Sap or Portal and notification numbers relative to 90 day warranty occurrences.

Over the last two years, Tarannum has been instrumental in the implementation of CRM – Lotus Notes and Haas SAP system. Ensuring every Service and Sales partner is educated on how important, helpful and valuable it is for them & their customers. This helps decision making and provides data to identify shortfalls, allowing Partners to evaluate and act precisely, mainly driven by Tarannum.  She has a system in place that provides machine service history at the Service Engineers fingertips, scheduling for service calls, provides machine data with optional codes, part requests process and a supply database.

Recently, AX Software has been newly implemented to all and Tarannum has absorbed it with great interest. She has worked effectively to implement successful processes for all service activities like billing, customers’ masters updating , and even AMC quotations, just to name a few. Tarannum keeps in constant communication with all the field engineers so she can provide them with all required data they may need at a moment’s notice. There is also constant communication with our customers to keep them informed about the service call schedule for their machines and also, proactively inform them of any change that occurs, due to non-avoidable situations.

The outcome of all these strong qualities and dedication to hard work, Tarannum has been recently promoted to Assistant Coordination Manager. She handles her ever-growing role so professionally flawless that her team or anyone that has contact with her is confident they are receiving the best customer service possible. The trust level of internal, as well as external, customers is extremely high with Tarannum. It is very obvious why Tarranum Gadkari is a Phillips Brand Ambassador!



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4 Responses to Brand Ambassador – Tarannum Gadkari

  1. I do agree with this, Tarannum is a best partner in our Phillips family. She is always keen to accept new challenges very much polite & hard working, her dedication of her responsibilities are remarkable. I observed whenever customer call her for any service issues unless & until customer get satisfied she never give up, that the reason I believe she is deserved Phillips Brand Ambassador. My best wishes to her for great success & future prospects.

  2. Congratulations to you, Tarannum ! ! ! What a story ! ! !

    I know you have overcome many roadblocks because I work with CRM, Haas SAP and AX in the United States. I feel that your greatest accomplishment is the respect you are receiving from your Partners and Customers. The communication, education and support you share with your team is a valued asset and must be very much appreciated by all.

    PS – Also Congrats on your promotion ! ! !

  3. Chris Kadawathage says:

    Congratulations to you. You are a very silent partner who does her work to the best, knows her job very well and execute it excellently and does not look for recognition.

    You deserve this and it was a long overdue recognition. Good Job.

  4. Ramkripal yadav says:

    Dear Taranum
    Congratulations for getting Brand Ambassador Award. You deserve same. I will share my experience with you while such a short duration. I find you always energetic and ready to solve problems to root cause. Whatever is brought to your notice it gets attended accurately and fast. I understand in past you have across number of Road blocks that is really challenging specially when resources were limited. One important thing is you care about customer satisfaction which is most important thing in our service oriented capital Business.

    Wish you all the best.

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