Brand Ambassador – Vinnie Heath

Vinnie is known as the roll-with-the-punches, fast-acting, humorous go-to guy for anything IT related. He started at Phillips as IT Help Desk back in 2015 and from there has grown into his current position as Technology Instructor. During that time of learning and growth, he became proficient in various systems and competencies. From learning about and working with Exchange, AX, CRM, Active Directory, computer networks, VPN, and Lotus Notes to working with Partner’s computer systems, Vinnie gave every task 110% and delivered service with a smile and often a joke. Paul Young remembers,

“…within a few months, he was performing many administrative functions. His growth in this area was very fast. It is because of all that Vinnie does in helpdesk and administration that we are able to have one of the leanest IT teams in the industry.

Vinnie took on several large projects over the years which made significant impacts on the daily tasks of a majority of Phillips Partners. Whether it is taking a phone call from a Phillips Partner with a simple computer question or taking on a whole new system implementation Vinnie delivers exceptional work. Pat Mann recalls,

“Vinnie had taken on the responsibility of our Ring Central phone system which included finalizing deployment and configuration throughout all the Phillips US companies and training Partners with best practices. He also lead the initiative in migrating all Phillips Partners from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 which was recently successfully completed.”

The IT Team is like a family. They collaborate to tackle obstacles and share ideas for new projects and when implementing new systems. When Harry, the newest member of IT joined the team, Vinnie was tasked with passing all of his knowledge on to train him to be the new IT Help Desk role. The transition seemed effortless. Vinnie worked closely with Harry to make sure he understood all of the tasks and systems he had to manage. Thanks to Vinnie’s mentoring and Harry’s learning mode mindset, Harry was working independently as IT Help Desk within months of his start date.

Vinnie’s current focus is to create compelling and informative CRM training material and to work with all the US sales partners using remote sessions to greatly increase their productivity in CRM. This will continue to challenge Vinnie’s competencies and continue his continuous learning mode. We are proud to feature Vinnie as a Brand Ambassador.

Outside of work, Vinnie loves to be active, playing a variety of sports, but his all-time favorite being soccer. He also dedicates some of his spare time to coaching a local soccer league.



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  1. Joanne McCann says:

    You look awesome on the big screen

  2. Amy Yasneski says:

    Congratulations Vinnie! Top notch IT guy

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