Brand Ambassador – Rodney Justice

Rodney Justice is a true team player as an integral part of the Phillips Federal Division. Since joining the Phillips family in 2015, he has pursued continuous improvement in all avenues of his work.
As the Senior Customer Liason, Rodney works with a variety of Phillips Partners, customers, and vendors every day. No matter who is on the other end of a phone call, he always delivers the same patience, kindness, and a positive attitude. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question, you can be sure he’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Rodney is always willing to help others solve problems even if it may inconvenience him and he is always willing to go above and beyond.
Kerstin Walz remembers when Rodney joined:

“I realized very quickly that he soon would be making a huge impact on our processes and procedures. He wore many hats during that time and played a key role in the changes in the Operation and Service Department.”

The changes Rodney brought to the processes of the CRM aided in creating a more efficient team. He developed key elements, one of which, was a very important view in the CRM that allowed a comprehensive look-up on all of the upcoming machine shipments. He continually improved CRM processes and integrations which lead to faster billing and payment cycles.
Rodney also took on the project of the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process. This complicated process has a lot of moving parts, but Rodney was able to tackle it and implement a structured process that helped save the Federal Department hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. This huge accomplishment happened due to Rodney’s perseverance and focus. Kerstin reflects:

“Rodney has and continues to be very positive in exploring the better idea and works well with our other Partners to accomplish that. The way we currently process and schedule service work is very different than when Rodney first started his employment with us and it continues to change as he comes up with new ways to improve it further.”

The Federal Department is a strong team. Service Engineer, Justin Wolf, describes how Rodney is an important part of the customer experience:

“Rodney to me is my most important link to the office.  I know he looks out for us in the field and if I ever have an issue or an update for a job, I know he listens and is capable of making the best decisions to help the customer. This is what I rely on for making my job smoother. Rodney is definitely an essential part to making the office and field techs work as one.”

Everyday Rodney looks for opportunities to assist Phillips Partners and customers to help them excel. These are just a few highlights of his incredible accomplishments in his short few years at Phillips and great things are on the horizon. Rodney is an excellent Phillips Brand Ambassador.

Rodney reflects, “My favorite thing about working at Phillips is the value placed on the constant improvement and learning to improve your work and life.” Outside of work, Rodney enjoys printing items on his 3D Printer, taking day-trips, watching movies, and building computers. We’re proud to have Rodney Justice on the Phillips Federal Team!






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