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Regan Hall has been with Phillips Corporation for just over two years. She is a young, fun, and caring person who brings creativity and kindness into any and all challenges she faces.  Outside of work, she applies her uses her creativity to decorate weddings. She’s helped with four weddings in 2019 already! Regan enjoys spending time with family and friends and, of course, her precious dog, Tank.  As avid fans, Regan and her father watch and attend NC State football games as often as they can. As an alumnus for Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at North Carolina State University, she currently serves as the alumni advisor at Wake Forest University’s chapter. Her attention to detail is a trait that serves her well both inside and outside of work.

“When Regan first started about 2 years ago she exhibited a great skill set and has done nothing but make great improvement since then. Regan has absolutely no fear tackling any job and it is amazing how she seems to take it apart and put it back together again improved and more efficient. She has developed a great reputation with the entire sales force as the “go-to person” to get great results. Her willingness to help, her sense of urgency, her sense of enthusiasm and her sense of humor make her an absolute joy to work with. Regan has developed a great relationship with all of the partners she works with and has become a great and valued member of the entire Phillips family!” Larry Hubbard.

Regan has already taken on several challenges since starting at Phillips. In her role as Proposal Administrator, she has always been adaptable to all of the changes that come to the systems, processes, and day-to-day challenges of working with customers. Regan has dedicated herself to becoming an expert user of the Haas Sales Tool (HST) and CRM. She is a trusted source for our salesman and customer advocates. Carrie Lenzen reflects on Regan’s abilities:

“Her HST expertise was instrumental in HFO Phillips being able to test Haas’ new machine ordering and Co-Op processes in the Haas Sales Tool. Regan’s ability and wiliness to handle new tasks with ease, no matter how busy she might be, makes her an invaluable partner at Phillips. Partners trust her and because she takes the time to really get to know you, with genuine interest.  I’ve had several 360 team leaders say they wish they could have Regan as their go-to for all things support, because of the trust they have in her to go the extra mile and get the job done.  She has developed such great relationships with so many partners in Colfax and beyond.”

Regan is continuously in the learning mode. Besides learning the tools vital for her role, but she has also expanded to take on additional challenges outside of her role. She learned Adobe software to allow a quick turnaround on flyers and marketing materials for HFO events and initiatives.
Providing Legendary Customer Service is a natural way of working for Regan.  During busy Haas quoting and ordering days, Regan always takes the time to accept calls from customers and salesmen to aid in any way. Carey Beevers gives some of his thoughts about Regan:

“Regan does a wonderful job engaging partners, she is always ready to help find the answers when no one else is available.  Many times she has just received information that was needed on the fly to resolve issues in the field.  She is always ready to update a quote when I am onsite trying to close a sale.  We have done this many times and because of her help, I walked away with a signed quote and down payment check. Regan utilizes CRM and HST at lighting speed to input data, help us close deals, figure margins and keeps salesmen on the right track.”

Regan is a perfect model of a Phillips Brand Ambassador. She always goes above and beyond for Partners and customers alike while providing legendary customer service, friendliness, and finding answers quickly. We are beyond proud to have Regan on our team.





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