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One word that comes to everyone’s mind when thinking about Ken is hard working. He is well known for going above and beyond his normal duties. When he isn’t working, Ken enjoys spending time with his family whenever he can. One of his favorite things to do to relax is playing a round of golf. When his wife, Dianne, convinces him to finally take a vacation they enjoy traveling to tropical locations like the Bahamas or Florida beaches together to enjoy the sunshine and waves. Ken is also a huge fan of football! He brings this the energy he sees from professional teams to his very own Phillips 360 Team. Although it isn’t football, the team works together to accomplish touchdowns for their customers.

Ken’s career in the manufacturing industry started a little bit differently than most people here at Phillips. He had initially started in the education sector, working at a couple of schools as an instructor of a multitude of classes. When he joined Phillips in 2013, he used his knowledge of a variety of subjects to take on the role of training and applications. Ron Halpine reflects on Ken’s impact,

“The effort he put forth on this task has vastly improved the curriculum and brought the training to a different level”.

After his first year at Phillips, Ken was challenged to take on a new role as a Sales Engineer. Michael Garner remembers, “When Ken accepted the role of Sales Engineer in January 2014, the market share was 28% overall for Haas products. In the short time that Ken has had that territory, he has increased market share to 44%”. This amazing feat was accomplished even through roadblocks including a territory realignment. This meant Ken would have a whole new territory to cover which means starting over building great relationships with his new customers. Brooks Barwick recalled,

“Ken sold more machines in 6 months than we thought possible”.

Success however never tends to be a one-man show. Ken always shows gratitude to those at Phillips that have helped him achieve these goals. Ron states,

“He has developed and consistency maintains great relationships with internal partners that create a smooth and productive work environment. Ken has a tremendous drive to succeed and continually pushes himself to be the best in every aspect of his role. He is always looking to gain knowledge and search for the best methods that will help him be successful”.

Ken is an exemplary Brand Ambassador for Phillips Corporation and a great role model for so many. We are honored to have him on our team.


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  1. Bill WITHERS says:

    Ken: You have had a very positive impact on your team. Congratulations.

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