Brand Ambassador – Noor Khan

Noor Khan has been with Phillips Corporation since 2012. In her time at Phillips as part of the accounting team, Noor has worked with a large group of Hanover and division partners, each having different skills, knowledge, motivations, and personalities. Being an effective partner, team member, teacher, and even coach is essential to Phillips’ success as well as her own.

She has worked closely over the years with Partners to transfer her knowledge about understanding financial statements, the impact of accounting transactions, and much more about the ins and outs of the various accounting processes.

If other team members are out—either for the day or for extended periods—Noor is ready and willing to step up. From weekly disbursements to publishing monthly financial statements, whether she’s already familiar with what needs to be done or learning it as she goes, Noor can be relied upon to contribute to the best of her abilities.

Ashutosh Dighe recalls the hurdle of streamlining the LC process and closing all of the loopholes:

“Noor played a very very important role in this entire process by helping us track the status of each and every “open” LC along with the “issues” related to each one of those. This factual information from her side was very handy to us when we followed-up with customers back here in India and also for the LC’s going forward. The knowledge sharing eventually lead to realizing these LC’s  in a quicker turnaround time thereby providing funds for operations.”

Joanne McCann recalled when she had just joined Phillips Corporation and Noor’s assistance in getting up to speed:

“I was new and Noor was kind and gracious and always had time to answer any question I would have about Phillips accounting system. Noor took the asset allocation process and set it up so that each division is able to do the process themselves. When the outside accounts were in Noor was the go between and was always able to request and explain exactly what backup she needed. I find the end of the month to be very enjoyable because of Noor. She is able to give concise instructions and get us open for the next month very quickly.”

Noor is consistently looking for a better way. She has visited other offices to experience their processes and struggles. Always asking questions and providing suggestions to make improvements. She’s attentive and responds to other’s requests without missing a beat.

The FY2015 Financial Statement Audit was a huge undertaking, but obstacle after obstacle that Noor encountered, she overcame by asking questions and getting additional help from the right Partners. She was able to keep up with the additional requests of information throughout the four-month process and it resulted in an unqualified opinion with no adjustments needed from our internal statements.

Noor is always questioning and learning to improve her knowledge, the processes, and the company. We are proud to honor Noor as a Phillips Brand Ambassador.







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