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Dheeraj Kumar is a passionate Phillips Brand Ambassador who believes that providing legendary value to customers is the most important aspect of his job. Since 2012, Dheeraj has been part of the inside service team, primarily in the parts division, and has grown into a manager role. His fellow Partners describe him as a great leader, resourceful, and a good communicator.

Jopu Zachariah comments on Dheeraj’s leadership:

“I have found the way Dheeraj has been managing and mentoring to be quite efficient and inspiring. Just as Dheeraj is naturally curious, he has been able to instill a similar curiosity in the team for learning about Haas parts. This will definitely help us become a better-educated team.”

Delhi is a tough customer market, but Dheeraj handles it with ease. He has unlocked the key to getting customers their parts efficiently and getting the correct information from the customers to complete transactions. He has built numerous relationships with customers that have resulted in Dheeraj getting emails commending his quick work for hard situations.

Working in the parts department can be daunting, especially when new product lines and products are being added all of the time. Luckily, Dheeraj loves to learn. “Dheeraj is always ready to learn the new things, he continuously tries to improve his knowledge, once he learns the new things he starts to use that to improve himself and achieve his goals,” says Rahul Chawda.

Customers sincerely appreciate all of his efforts. He is the first call a customer makes if they need a part. Jopu remembers when Dheeraj first started:

“The way Dheeraj has taken up the challenge of supporting the service team in the North region where he is based has been exemplary and has led to a complete change in the attitude of both internal as well as external customers, towards service and spare parts management in Delhi HFO. In his first two years that he was with us, Dheeraj turned around the parts department in Delhi against all odds and delivered great results and service outcomes for us.

I have received a number of emails where customers have written back, appreciating the effort that Dheeraj has put in to resolve their issues and to create the confidence in the customer that they have someone who will be up-front and put all efforts to support them.”

Outside of work, Dheeraj loves spending time with his wife, Sandhya, and two children, Agastya and Yagnesh. They love to travel together and explore new places when they can. Dheeraj is an exemplary Phillips Brand Ambassador every single day.









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