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David Breeden is a kind soul. One that always offers to help in a time of need, even if he might not have a lot of time to spare. When he’s not at Phillips he spends time with his wife, Roseanne, and of course, loves to spend time with his kids and his grandkids.  Recently, the family adopted an adorable mini schnauzer and David treats the pup like a newborn baby. His hobbies range from golf to droning, although that is one of his newer hobbies. When he received his drone as a present he didn’t know just how much he would love it. He enjoys taking amazing videos and photos from high altitudes to capture the beauty of nature and different landscapes. When he is not out flying his drone, David also loves to work on DIY projects around the house. He has always dreamed of getting into woodworking as a hobby but hasn’t yet managed to find the time. In the picture on the left, you’ll see David next to his potluck concoction! Not only does his wife think he’s a great cook, the Federal Team does now too!

You can usually find David on the phone helping a customer out during the day, otherwise, he is most likely helping out a fellow partner. Justin Wolf understands the value David brings to the Federal Team, “I can rely on his vast background and knowledge of working on all areas of the Haas machine.”  A few years ago, David volunteered to become a Haas Certified Trainer to make sure his training methods, messages, and instructions were aligned properly with Haas Automation’s standards. Tim McClanahan reflects on this,

“David takes his role very seriously and has had many conversations with our customers in regards to their machine’s performance concerns.  David realizes the importance of his role for our customer and prides himself that many of our customers are contacting him not only for his technical expertise but also because he has become a trusted resource for them to utilize.”

David’s unique set of experience covering electrical and mechanical helped to mold the experience he is able to provide his customers. Kerstin Walz says,

“He has in my opinion truly embraced our culture and our commitment to excellent customer service.”

Time and time again, David exemplifies what it means to be a Phillips Brand Ambassador. The Federal Divison reaches nationwide and every time someone needs help, David assists. Brian Kristaponis states, “He’s helped me troubleshoot machines all over the country, despite time zones and a range of customer start times. You have provided me with the technical support to keep customers happy”. Whether inside or outside the office David knows how to make someone smile. We’re proud to have him on the Federal Team.

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  1. Amy Yasneski says:

    David, you are such an asset to the customers and Phillips!

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