Brand Ambassador – Brian Kristaponis

Anyone will tell you, Brian is an incredible Phillips Partner. He has a thirst to learn and is always willing to go the extra mile. Since starting at Phillips first thing in 2016, Brian has expanded his skill set by completing numerous audacious goals, taken several training classes, and answering hundreds of customer questions.The Phillips Federal Team is a close-knit group of Partners. Brian is one of the Partners on that team that interacts with customers in-person daily.  Tim McClanahan adds,

“Brian is an essential part of our team. His contributions are key to our success in delivering on a well-rounded applications and education training offerings for Phillips Corporation. He is a key and well-respected “go to” person within our organization, as well as to our customer base. Our customers depend on his knowledge and skill set to help them achieve more with our machines and Brian never lets them down.”

Brian is exceptionally great at transferring knowledge to our customer base. From answering questions to identifying solutions to problems customers didn’t even know they had, he gives every customer his all. When Brian identified a further opportunity for customer training at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, he stepped right up to the plate for the challenge. Not only was it a very difficult project consisting of several pieces of various complexity, but he was also working with a tight deadline. While the work for such an elaborate project could easily take 4 months, the deadline required it within 3 months. Brian had to compress his very busy schedule to accommodate this request. With a lot of long days and nights, Brian completed the project on time. The customers could not have been more grateful for his efforts. This is only one of the numerous times Brian has provided legendary customer service to customers.

“Brian honors his word.  When he makes commitments, he sees them through,” John Harrison notes.

Brian is willing to give his all to customers and still makes time to assist Phillips Partners with his full attention. When Partners have a question regarding a control that Brian is familiar with, he is happy to answer any questions that come up. If he doesn’t have the answer he jumps right in and researches the questions at hand to help find the answer for the customer. Many times they are not Phillips Federal customers but Brian treats them all like his customers.

Joe Sommers remembers a time early on in Brian’s career:

“Brian has been in the learning mode from the day we went out on our first customer visit together. He had a lot of knowledge and experience on machines other than Haas so he needed to get up to speed on the latest Haas control and features. He did a great job at that. He taught the second training session at our first customer. Brian continues to stay up to date on all new features.”

Haas Demo Day is a busy time for a lot of our team at Phillips, but every year you can find Brian working long hours and all-nighters. Brian takes on making the design, programs, and running of the unique Demo Day parts. This could even require working with a machine delivered days before the event is set to take place. Even in the midst of perfecting demonstrations and double-checking machines, he makes time for customers. Kerstin Walz remembers,

“During his Demo Day set up (2018), I asked him (knowing he was under the gun to get set up) if he could give my customer 3 minutes of his time… in typical Brian fashion, he accepted the call and spent the next 35 minutes walking the customer through his issue till it was resolved.  I know this set him behind but I also know Brian would not let a customer or a partner down.”

Not only does Brian help with customer service, but he is a key role in other projects as well.

“Brian is an essential part to our Federal team. Brian is always there to lend a helping hand and has been helping with event planning in-between his customer support, travel, machine training, and many other tasks he is presented with. Brian is incredibly intelligent and both customers and Partners are thankful for his dedication and insightful conversations,” says Kelli Katona.


Kelley Cressman adds,

“In addition to his dedication to customer training and applications support, Brian has gone above and beyond to consult on projects like The Phillips Machinist app and the app competitions, as well as presentations for HTEC and additive.”

No matter how hard the challenge, Brian will be there to take it on. He is an exemplary Phillips Brand Ambassador.




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