Brand Ambassador – Amy Sidibe

Amy Sidibe has been with Phillips Corporation since 2015. Her vibrant and caring personality has brightened up the Hanover office. She helped shape the orientation process early on in her career and continues to take on new challenges like the Champions Program to encourage our Partners to live great lives.
Back when Amy did Partner orientation, she transformed the program from a standard phone call to a personable video chat or in-person meeting. This allowed our new Partners to absorb information and ask questions easily and create a stronger connection to our community. Shelley Brady reflects:

“Amy excels at engaging partners and building trusted relationships – it comes very naturally to her.  Examples of this, of course, starts with the benefit orientations.  She knows how to put the new partners at ease while she explains the benefits and because she starts building the relationship right then, these partners continuously come back to her when they have benefit questions.  Another area of this is Amy’s new role with event planning.  She has taken this role with grace.  Never saying no even when she is unsure of her capability.”

Amy’s project focus is now the Champions Program. A program designed to pair a seasoned Partner with a new hire to help the new hire on their two-year journey to becoming a Brand Ambassador and help navigate them through becoming part of the culture. This is a huge program to manage as we have received fluctuations of new hires at various times. Amy has even taken on the challenge of having over 10 mentees on her team! That’s in addition to training the other Champions who are leading their mentees. The two-year-long program is close to having its first mentee graduate in the Spring of 2020!

Amy has worked on the New Hire Spotlight program for over two years now where she is responsible for collecting photos, breakthroughs and personal/fun information about each new partner and posts this to the Hive. The new partners feel a real sense of welcome and all the other partners get to “know” the new partners at all locations. Her connections across the company continually grow as she works with various Team Leaders and new hires through the variety of programs she owns.

Her positivity can be infectious! She loves to bring the spirit of the holidays into the office whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or a birthday celebration. Amy cares deeply for her team and Partners at Phillips to ensure they enjoy the various events and special occasions. Shelley Brady says:

“For several big events and most meetings, Amy has taken the role of photographer and has such a way with partners that she is able to capture all the highlights of the event. She makes taking pictures fun for everyone and then posts them on our portal and now the hive.  At one of the last Hanover Holiday parties, Amy was responsible for an “entertainment” factor and she arranged for a photo booth that was a tremendous hit!”

Whether it’s in the office, or remotely to one of our other locations, Amy is always radiating positive vibes and leaving lasting impacts on Phillips Partners. Helene Kershaw says, “I greatly appreciate how Amy always makes herself available to help out. She is a great asset to our team in many ways and a great Partner!” Amy represents all of the elements of a Brand Ambassador. We are proud to have her on our team.

Amy is busy outside of work with her husband, Mak, and their precious daughter, Maliyah, and spending time together as a family. She enjoys traveling and can’t wait to go on another trip!















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