8 Phillips Leaders Learn From Gap International

gap8-1 From left to right: Fang Wei, Raj Panchal, Jeannet Trott, Kim DeBruhl, Steve Link, Deana Abushaikha, Ron Boggs, and Shubhra Miranda.

We pride ourselves on our people and our community. That’s why 8 leaders across different disciplines and divisions of Phillips attended the first part of the Executive Challenge Course with Gap International this week in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Going through the course together will allow them to work collaboratively while they’re challenged to think differently in order to achieve incredible results. According to Gap Coach Diane Fetterman, the course is “all about producing extraordinary performance and what we call a breakthrough. A huge part of this is creating an environment where people are thriving and deeply connected. They own their competency and potential to lead people, creating possibilities beyond what is predictable.”

Prior to going through the seminar this week, participants discussed what they were looking forward to and what they will accomplish moving forward. Engineered Products Service Manager Steve Link shared his expectations, “I want to go to war on the thinking that says we can’t and replace it with possibility thinking. What I want to come away from this with is resources and tools not just to change my thinking but to equip my team with the resources they need to have that ‘anything is possible’ mentality.”

Phillips Commercial Division Operations Manager Kim DeBruhl added, “It will help us develop not only professionally, but personally as well. There’s an an overall benefit that will help us improve as a whole.” She also emphasized the benefit of going through the course as a group, “I will be able to achieve my breakthroughs, especially with everyone’s help and support.” CE Team Member Fang Wei agreed, “We’re a group of people not just focused on our individual achievements but also coming together to create synergies across different divisions and functions of the company. We can only accomplish our goals when we focus on the positive and work together.”

Our Gap 8 leaders were buzzing about the Gap International Executive Challenge Course last night when they met in downtown Philadelphia for dinner. Motivated by each other and the process, participants espoused the idea that, “We are our own solutions. We are the ones who make possibilities become realities.”

The Gap 8 will continue to meet with their fellow Executive Challenge Course participants once a month, in 4 hour virtual sessions, for the next 10 months. They will also meet one more time in Philadelphia. 

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