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ARCS2 - Remote access to Universal Robots | Airgate software solution

Automation is the competitive advantage you need.

Manufacturers around the world are turning to robotic automation systems to help solve labor shortages, increase productivity, and improve product quality.

Phillips partners with Haas Automation, Universal Robots,  and expert integrators to offer a variety of robotic process automation solutions to meet the specific needs in the manufacturing industry. Our industrial automation systems provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe robotics solution for a wide range of production tasks.

When you have a need for machine tending, Phillips has your solution.

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The Haas Robot Package 2 is great for industrial machining!

  • All-inclusive design, with plug-and-play capabilities to Haas medium vertical machining centers and ST-20 through ST-35 turning centers
  • Interfaces directly with the Haas control
  • All setup and operation is done through the Haas control and remote jog handle
  • Single gripper included; double gripper available
  • 25 kg part capacity
  • Includes CE-compliant safety guard fencing

Complete Haas Mill & Lathe Machine Tending Solutions with a cobot from Universal Robots starting as low as $63,000.

Solution Package Includes Robotiq Hand-E Gripper, Cart, Installation, Client Support, and Dealer Assistance.

The Haas Robot Package 3 is perfect for 50kg+ Parts!

  • All-inclusive design, with plug-and-play capabilities to Haas vertical machining centers and turning centers
  • Directly interfaces with the Haas control
  • Single gripper included
  • 50 kg part capacity 
  • Includes CE-compliant safety guard fencing

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