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Streamlining the Production Process with Phillips Opto

Alabama & FL Panhandle

“We’re confident that our sales, service and application Partners know what needs to be done to revolutionize the experience we create for our customers and it is our belief that Phillips 360 Teams will give them the opportunity to accomplish this.​”

Phillips Vision

Enhanced Remote Service Maximizing your Uptime

Ready to RADICALLY reduce your downtime?

Phillips revolutionary new repair service allows you to make fixes in a fraction of the time – turning downtime into uptime. Rather than waiting days for a technician, Phillips Vision gets your machines up and running in hours.

With Phillips Vision, our top engineers see what you see and provide live step-by-step instructions.

Simply access Phillips Vision with an app on your smartphone or tablet, and our Service Engineers…

// Walk you through repairs, step by step
// See exactly what is happening with your machine
// Troubleshoot problems in a few hours, rather than days

Many are calling Phillips Vision a serious “disrupter” to old service models that made long downtimes nearly unavoidable.

You get two sets of eyes instead of one looking at the problem. With the glasses, I am not just fixing problems, I am getting at the root cause. The savings in downtime alone makes this a no brainer.

It’s a life saver. I call a Phillips engineer, put on my glasses, and we are up and running within a few hours. Downtime has been a serious issue for us, and I feel like it’s pretty much disappearing. We used to lose up to $7,000 a day waiting for a repair tech. Instead of twiddling our thumbs, we are working with a Phillips tech right away. It’s incredible.

We normally bring a Haas Technician in for this job. Since the Corona Virus we can’t allow anyone into our buildings that are not James Tool employees so the repair would not have been completed. With this service we were able to correctly diagnose the problem and correctly and safely replaced the failed Vector Drive.

Mr.Sherman Padgett

The guy in your head

Sherman Padgett is a longtime Phillips service engineer and Phillips Vision specialist. “I walk customers through every step. I watch what they are doing at all times and make sure they are doing it correctly,” Padgett said. “It’s as though I was there doing it myself.”


Contact Phillips Vision and set up a time to work.


Open your app on your smartphone or tablet, so the Service Engineer can see what you see. (AR Glasses can also be used)


Receive live step-by-step instructions.

Can I still get a repair tech to come to my site?

Absolutely. If you start with Phillips Vision and cannot make the repair, we will send out an engineer. By starting with Phillips Vision, our engineer will already have diagnosed the problem and ordered parts before coming to you.

Do I have to use the augmented reality glasses?

The glasses are a powerful tool, allowing your employees to work hands free, but a cell phone with a camera can also be used.

What does Phillips Vision cost?

For machines still under warranty, the service is FREE.

If your machine is out of warranty there is a charge of $165 per hour. If after talking to your Phillips Vision Expert and a physical visit is required,  we will discount the first hour of that visit by $200.

Be sure to ask your Phillips expert about available annual contracts for Phillips Vision.

Ask Jason